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The T1 Tact Watch brand was first mentioned by various magazines under the Harris publications  umbrella in 2008.    An American brand, it was created with intention for labeling of mens accessories.   As these items were both for the athletics and tactical  career fields, we had great support from the sporting world.  Because our project the wrist wear a great idea and concept, it was embraced by many Hollywood stylists. Still however, as a freshly planted seed,  it needed development.   Readers of the magazine  & celebrities loved our product.  As great a launch as possible,  it was still decided T1 Tact Watch would go on hiatus.

In 2018, our brand re-emerged.   As social media has been known to do, it took our brand into a new era.  The T1 Tact Watch brand founder was forced to notice.   Our company began looking for the perfect ‘direction’ of our rebirth and ‘smartwatches’ because our new focus.  A manufacturer was found and as soon as possible, our tech  & design team began buildng the dream. 

T1TW Logo…

At the same time, the comapny logo idea was born.  Styled as a crosshair, it symbolizes our strategic refocus and also the tactical lifestyle world. We post it on all our profiles and media content online to certify authenticity.  Since the spread, people across the world have not only shared our product but a ‘fan club’ of sorts is forming.  It will soon be branded on all of our product boxes as well.

After all these ideas and designs came together, our first smartwatch was made.  Our premier smartwatch was created in the same facilities as other  multi-billion dollar digital watch brands.    The first productions were not enough for demand, which has really re-energized a 2008 brand.

The T1 Tact Watch company is a brand that brings vintage appeal with the latest in useful technologies.  Our expansion is infinite.   

What was the first T1 Tact Watch design?

The first design of the company known to the world is the “Midnight Diamond” smartwatch.  While some confuse “T1 Tact watch” for a product name, it’s actually a trademark brand. An American company, many advertise replica or counterfeit product , using  the name without consent.  However, these sites are not authentic nor registered with th USPTO.

Released to a major sports magazine publication in 2008, the ‘Akapellah’ watch was our first model.   This digital time piece was never produced on a large scale.  Less than 10 were made.   None were sold to the general public requesting, but a few were gifted to select A-list individuals.   The original model is now confirmed  out of existence.


What does the “T1 Tact” stand for?

T1 stands for ‘Tech 1,’ as the brand’s technology ideas team wanted to be the first to distribute certain watch functions combinations to the world. As of 2019, we can effectively say we’ve done that. As big as the “Midnight Diamond,” black smartwatch  is, many do no realize how durable the military-inspired wrist wear is.   It’s so durable fire can’t burn it without extended duration inflamed and the screen can’t be cracked with a hammer nor ax at ease.

The ‘Tact’ of course stands for tactical smartwatches.   All product sold via T1Tactwatch.com is designed with a higher quality standard.  That standard is suitable for use in military, police,  security, or extreme outdoor sports worlds.      Tactical gear is usually reserved for flashlights, vests, and headgear.  However, the T1Tw brand has successfully expanded this term’s coverage into the watch world.  In 2018, social media pushed the “Midnight Diamond” into ultimate recognizance.

Our brand is Also Known As….

Many nicknames have developed for our brand.    Because of today’s shorthand style of type on social media, people use various search terms to find us.   Also, with these names came a lot of different trademark counterfeiters.    T1TW does not sell to any other websites.   The brand is exclusive to our own store.   

Some of the aka names found to date are:   

This list will be updated as other aliases and nicknames are found.  Thousands visit our website.   It is not a core focus but the company social media team watches social media  for consumer comments and feedback.   Names used in reviews there will be considered for mention.

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