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2020’s Most Fun Fitness Watch: The Smart Fit Band

T1 Tact Watch just released the newest, sleekest smartwatch to the fitness market: the Smart Fit Band. This watch is easily the top watch for the gym and training in 2020. This wrist piece has all the essential features to keep wearers in touch with their health and fitness goals.

Quality, Design, Technology, & Durability

Military wrist-wear inspired, tactical smartwatches. For athletes, armed servicemen, & outdoors. Authentic American Trademark.  It’s time to upgrade what’s on your wrist. Step up to a smartwatch that is capable of handling fitness, security, and business lifestyle...

6 Reasons Why The T1 Tact Watch Is Better Than Most Smartwatches

The perfect gift for any man. So, you’re thinking of buying a new tactical smartwatch but you don’t know what to get.   You might have a particular reason you want that watch, which should be an undeniable specification of your purchase.   Also, as...

Watch Features To Have During Co-Vid 19 aka CoronaVirus Pandemic

Wearable Technology For the Pandemic The year of 2020 is one that will not be forgotten.   Amidst the China New Years celebration, the most contagious CoronaVirus of the last century began spreading.  An epidemic specifically named “Covid 19,” it’s changed...

Outdoor Watches For Camping, Hiking, Running, & More

The “Midnight Diamond” is a standout when looking for a great sports smartwatch. It handles outdoor adventures and rugged training with ease . It was designed with the tactical career field in mind.

Inventor of Original Smartwatch Technology: Steve Mann

Who invented the first smartwatch?  The modern Smartwatch functions much like a universal control for more than just television. It is capable of recording information, storing data, and even monitoring and tracking our movements and biological processes....