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Smartwatch Battery Life

Need to replace your battery? Want to learn about T1 Tact Watch Batteries? Find all information here.

Military smartwatch Inspired, Upgraded For Everyday Use

What is a military watch ? Are you a newcomer to the tactical watch world?  It is okay to learn and try new technology. That is what makes life great.  Self-educating and exploring the latest innovations. If not aware,...

Black Tactical Digital Watch

Importance of Dark Smartwatch Color The “Midnight Diamond” is the name of the T1 Tact Watch brand’s first smartwatch release.  Why did we name it this? Both words of the name represent key, stand-out elements of our product.  It’s what our...

Tactical Smartwatch Videos. Original T-Watch Commercials.

Official T1 Tact Watch brand videos There are a lot of counterfeit vendors with websites and accounts on eBay an Amazon (read here). These scammers sell terrible, low quality tactical watch replicas.   The military-inspired engineering of the authentic...

Smartwatch Sleep Monitor App

Know how many steps taken during run According to the  national sleep foundation, the average adult should have an average of 8 hours of sleep daily.   Billionaire investor and founder of Felicis Ventures, Aydin Senkut, wholly agrees (tweet)....

T1 Tact SmartWatch Step Counter App

Know how many steps taken during run A big draw for any tactical or fitness watch in 2019 is the step counter.  This is an app for runners, walkers, hikers, and treadmill fans to chart their journeys.   How it works is a mystery to some but...

T1 Tact Smartwatch Calorie Counter App

How your watch counts calories burned Fighting the obesity epidemic in the United States and other wealthy communities of the world hs become a major topic.    It’s also a  reason people buy smartwatches in 2019.   There’s various...