Black Tactical Digital Watch

Black Tactical Digital Watch

Importance of Dark Smartwatch Color

The “Midnight Diamond” is the name of the T1 Tact Watch brand’s first smartwatch release. Why did we name it this? Both words of the name represent key, stand-out elements of our product. It’s what our technical and fashion design team had to combine in creating a final masterpiece.

Black, as the midnight…

The authentic color for a tactical military watch is black. This is a color that does not stand out in dark situations. A smartwatch should not be noticed in late night warfare. Nor should it be seen in espionage missions that need to happen in the ‘shadows’ of closed buildings.

To some this may seem like a fantasy life, because the mindset is typical civilian life. For actual army, military, special ops forces, and even high end security professionals it’s different. A ‘black watch’ this can mean a difference of life and death.

Fashionably, black is the most important color of a wardrobe. No person with style goes without the color of midnight in their wardrobe. It’s the color of choice when wanting to be humble and rich at the same time. It’s a must you even have a pair of shoes, belts, hats, ties, dresses, and coats in this color. The smartwatch is no different, you need one that is this color, which is a mix of all other colors.

Is every part of this T1 Tact Watch black?

Most everything is a deep midnight color. Even the tactical watch box it’s shipped in is black. An inner ring, outside the LED screen, is charcoal grey. It features second-hand marks, for when the watch is switched into a digital-analog display mode. The second-hand marks themselves are a light grey. Neither the seconds marks nor inner dial are high contrast, standing out from the watch when looking from a non-user distance.

The digital display itself is a military camouflage green. The screen is not visible from variable angles. This watch glass is constructed with a privacy screen filter. If too dark to read at night or in a room with no lights, simply press the back-light button to activate a the inner ‘flashlight’ for a fast read.

Is this available in civilian colorways?

No, we do not make the “Midnight Diamond” in other colors. It is designed as a ‘Black Ops tactical watch’ style and ready for real-time use. Therefore, we do not make it in civilian colorways. There are certain wristband straps that will fit and allow interchanging but no watch heads. Anything of another color would indicate it’s not authentic Only fake or counterfeit watches have alternate colorways.

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