Outdoor Watches For Camping, Hiking, Running, & More

Outdoor Watches For Camping, Hiking, Running, & More

There's a reason why the T1 Tact Watch "Midnight Diamond" is called the most durable smartwatch for today's average Joe.

Outdoor Watches For Camping, Hiking
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Traditionally, a good watch for the outdoors must be three things: simple to use, easy to read, and durable. With advancements in technology though, outdoor watches now come with more features than ever before.

Admittedly, these new functions are useful in many situations.

For example, hikers can now see their GPS location directly from their arm. Climbers can see their heart rate and altitude simultaneously. Campers can even take phone calls without needing to take a smartphone out of their backpack.

All of these features are great – but when it comes down to it, are they really useful for the outdoor activities? Here’s a look at some core features and recommendations for outdoor watches in today’s high tech market.

Back to the Basics: Core Features to look for in Outdoor Watches

It can be easy to become distracted by shiny new tech features found on brand new releases by Apple or Samsung. However, park rangers, sports trainers, climbers, and many other outdoor professionals still need the basics.

The first basic feature an outdoor watch should have is a high standard of durability. They should be built to endure extreme weather conditions and rough environments. A drop, bump, or vibration should not impact the useability of a good outdoors watch. When purchasing, double check that that the watch is water resistant, waterproof, and can withstand drops from waist height. T1 Tact Watch’s latest release, ‘Midnight Diamond’ is super durable, and can even be run over by an SUV without breaking. This is the level of durability necessary when facing the elements outdoors.

T1 Tact Watch "Midnight Diamond" , tactical smartwatches. Great for outdoor adventures and rugged training.

Another core feature to check for is battery life. As functionalities become more advanced, battery life often suffers. The Apple Watch can barely last one day. This is very inconvenient if you are a camper who ventures out into remote areas for several days at a time. With limited backpack space, bringing a portable charger is not really an option. So double check average battery life and see if it aligns with what outdoor activities you do.

Best New Features of ‘Smart’ Outdoors Watches

Some outdoor watches are smarter than others. While a smart watch is not necessarily a ‘must have’ for all outdoor activities, they can definitely enhance the experience.

One of the biggest distractions out on the hiking trail can be the need to check your smart phone. With a smart watch though, the user can choose to display push notifications for incoming calls and texts. This is liberating for hikers and climbers who still want to stay in touch with loved ones. With a smart watch, they can now do this without the hassle of removing their phone from their backpack.

Common navigational features are also handy for the outdoors. Garmin’s tactix Bravo has advanced technologies including a GPS and compass. This can help lost hikers find their way back to the trail without needing to get out multiple tools. However, GPS functions can use a lot of battery so it is best to only use it when it is really necessary.

When looking for your next outdoor watch, the key priorities are the same: they should be durable and dependable. If you want something more advanced, consider a smart watch from Garmin or T1 Tact Watch. They are designed specifically to endure rugged environments, but also come with advanced features for navigation, tracking, and communication.

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