Samsung Watch: Wristwear For Galaxy S & Note Smart Phones

Samsung Watch: Wristwear For Galaxy S & Note Smart Phones

A great smartwatch that bluetooth connects with your phone & tablet

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Samsung users are people who have no trouble defying societal norms. In the United States, the most popular smartphone by far is the iPhone. Mainstream culture and media is flooded with Apple advertisements, products, and references. Steve Jobs has planted himself in the zeitgeist as a veritable icon of technology. However, Apple has become a symbol of greed and corporate fraudulence since the founder’s death. Famously, the brand was recently slapped with a class action lawsuit after admitting to intentionally slowing down phones. Additionally, newer models of their existing products have been criticized for lack of innovation by tech reviewers. Conversely, Samsung has been enjoying increased visibility and a total lack of scandal. The brand is flourishing with positive vibes and acclaimed products. Samsung users have access to a much wider range of applications and product compatibility than Apple users, due to a much wider global reach. It’s just a fact: there are more Android users, so there is more content on the Android market. Samsung phone users have access to cheaper and more durable gadgets, like the Samsung Watch known as the T1 Tact Watch.

Samsung watch capabilities + Durability + Useful Functions

According to a Reviewopedia article, the T1 Tact Watch was developed by a team of elite military engineers. The goal in mind during development was to create a durable yet stylish type of military wristwear, that could be worn in even the most extreme conditions. Due to the work put into designing this tactical watch, the final product claims to be resistant to most forms of dust and weather. This pairs well with the boasted fitness features, which allegedly include a step counter, distance tracker, stopwatch, and more. This makes the smartwatch particularly useful if you’re into any extreme sports. It can be difficult if you’re into some obscure extreme sports to keep track of fitness goals. However, what’s wrong with wanting to incorporate surfing or rock climbing into your fitness routines? You should still be able to keep track of your distance and calories while doing something dangerous, without having to worry about whether your equipment is going to fail you. The T1 has been fiercely advocated for as a reliable addition to any fitness regimen.

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The smartwatch also syncs up to smartphones, and can display SMS notifications. The watch manufacturers also claim their product will sync up to third-party applications, but does not specify which. So, if you were excited about the possibility of linking up your Snapchat, Insta, and Messenger all within a few seconds – relax. More information will surely be released soon. This Bluetooth compatibility allows you to do everything you’ve ever wanted to do with a smartwatch. You can know instantly when someone has messaged you, or called you. Due to the watch being waterproof, you can know when someone calling you while swimming or in the shower, so you never have to worry about being out of the loop.

You can also reportedly access the camera on your smartphone, allowing you to take pictures or video remotely. Not only does this make taking family photos or group shots a breeze, it also opens up all sorts of possibilities if someone is considering prank videos as a hobby. While smartwatches as a whole have ultimately struggled in the usability market, the T1 Tact Watch has established itself as the go-to Samsung Watch. This is due to the watch’s durability and trustworthiness, and the incredible connectivity the device displays.

Tactical Smartwatch Represents Alternative Brands

The T1 Tact Watch is an example of an indie brand that has made a name for itself. A few years ago, no one had ever heard of the brand, or its founder. Now the brand has generated a plethora of social media buzz on outlets like Reddit, Facebook, and Instagram. The word-of-mouth has made the brand look quite attractive in the eyes of independent consumers, who tend to ignore brands in the headlines. After all, it’s more important to focus on what people find useful, not what companies say is, right? That’s the refreshing thing about this tactical watch – while it certainly makes claims, there is a wealth of information online about it.

Googling the T1 Tact Watch will tell you exactly what type of product it is, so that as a consumer you can feel confident about what it is you’re buying. As an indie brand, image is everything, and the T1 Tact Watch has made itself incredibly transparent to investigative consumers who research their products. Any smart shopper can gain the details about manufacturing history, brand reliability, product features, and more simply by using a search engine and looking up the brand name. This remarkably earnest approach to marketing has made the T1 one of this decade’s standout technological devices.

Besides being the reliable piece of hardware that the watch is, there is something to be said for its design. While early iterations of the product were somewhat bulky and clumsy in design, the modern look of the product is nuanced to say the least. The watch combines characteristics from both Hollywood and modern jewelers to form a tastefully individualistic look. The watch is militaristic while still remaining sleek. According to user reviews, the product is as comfortable as it is sturdy, making it an invigorating addition to any wrist. After all, who doesn’t want to look like they know what they’re doing?

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Device Pairs Well With Galaxy S, Note & More

If you’ve been reading up until this point and have been wondering whether your device will even work with this indie watch, wonder no more. Since this tactical watch works well with Android devices, it is almost guaranteed to pair up with any iteration of Samsung’s S or Note series. In addition to Samsung, most Android smartphones and iPhones will sync up via Bluetooth to the T1 Tact Watch, according to multiple online sources.

Syncing up means that the two devices will conect via Bluetooth. Once this happens, it should be easy to set up the app that will enable your smartwatch to communicate with you. Most companies won’t walk their consumers through the process of actually setting up their smartwatch, but the T1 Tact Watch does a pretty good job of doing just that. After you set up the app, which should only take a few minutes, you’ll be notified on your watch whenever your phone receives a notification. These notifications can include those from your calendar, your SMS messaging apps, and any other third-party applications that you choose to connect. The ease and speed of this process means that you’ll be able to use your new smartwatch within minutes. No more worrying about the confusion that comes with adapting to a new piece of technology – the sleek and efficiency of this tact watch has made the entire process a dream.

Since the branding of the T1 as the ideal Samsung Watch , Android users can rejoice in the fact that their product market is as large as it is. This handy piece of wristwear is more than just a fashion statement – it is a tool. Its features can be used for more than just day-to-day routines, as it has seen use in more serious fields than these. Samsung users who want a piece of hardware that can handle serious wear & tear should definitely consider investigating this device – it’s certainly built up a lot of hype for itself, after all. And as anyone knows, it’s hard to become known and admired online. However, this tactical smartwatch has done just that, and done it with style.

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