Smart Watch Re-Invention: Adding Durability To Style & Functionality

Smart Watch Re-Invention: Adding Durability To Style & Functionality

Creation of a special smartwatch

Today, nearly 16% of the US population owns a smart watch. That means that 1 out of every 6 people can now essentially use their watch as a smartphone.

People haven’t always liked the idea of smart watches though. They’re bulky, a bit dorky, and are often perceived as just a tech gimmick. Many people also weren’t too keen on the idea of having a computer strapped to their wrist.

To say the least, smart watches have taken a bit longer to catch on compared to other IoT (Internet of Things) technologies. That is, until now.

Public opinion is starting to change. Market research firm, NPD, found that from November 2017 to November 2018, sales of smartwatches increased by 61%. Another report from Allied Market Research found that by 2025, the smart watch market will nearly triple in value. This estimated figure for 2025 is $31,070.6 million – an exciting number for both tech and jewelry companies.

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You could say the US market is in the midst of a smart watch boom. And millennials aren’t the only ones who will benefit. Even though the majority of smart watch owners today are under 34, older adults are now taking interest. Better health applications, new styles, and new functionalities are attractive to this older audience.

However, while the technology is getting better, there are still some issues that prevent some from making a purchase. They are prohibitively expensive, their battery life leaves more to be desired, and most are fragile.

Another problem is that many of the watches are designed for, well, millennials. Their modern designs are sleek and futuristic, but some people don’t want to look like a Silicon Valley yuppie.

New innovations from T1 Tact Watch are slowly changing this perception of smartwatches. T1 Tact Watch’s latest release, the ‘Midnight Diamond’, has a sportier edge and resembles classic sports watches of the 1990’s. It is both durable and sporty, allowing more active individuals the ability to wear it through almost anything.

If you are one of the 5 in 6 who doesn’t have a smart watch yet, here’s how they are not just for tech geeks anymore

Not Just for Tech Nerds: The ‘Smart Watch’ Reinvented

When most people hear the word ‘smart watch’, they think of a trendy millennial, or a tech obsessed geek. They don’t really think about all of the practical applications the watch can have. And until recently, smart watches weren’t really designed for anyone other than Apple fans and technology gurus.

However, smartwatches aren’t just for these select groups of people anymore. New players are entering the market, offering improved durability, style, and functionalities.

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A brief history

It is difficult to say when exactly the very first smart watch came to be. And it really depends on what you consider makes a watch ‘smart’.

A good starting point though is in 1999, when Samsung famously developed the very first watch that could make a call. It had an integrated speaker and smartphone, and could talk for up to 90 minutes. The watch itself even looked like a little phone strapped to a wristband. It didn’t inspire many to buy it though, but it did set the stage for future smartwatches.

Since that moment, there have been several companies that have dabbled in the smart watch business. IBM, Microsoft, and even Fossil had early versions of smart watches in the early 2000’s.

It wasn’t until the kickstarter campaign for the Pebble reached 10 million dollars that people really started to take smart watch products seriously. The world showed tech companies that they wanted this style of watch. And although Pebble eventually sold its intellectual property to Fitbit, the company still paved the way for others.

However, the big players today are not necessarily serving everyone’s needs. Smart watches are not a one size fits all product, and here is where users are really feeling the pain.

Key user pain points

There are thousands of smart watch reviews online. And a common complaint is always the rechargeable battery life. Watches are traditionally a piece of jewelry with a standard battery. Now, as jewelry mergers with tech, people do not like having to charge one more piece of technology each day.

The charging wouldn’t necessarily be a problem, if the watches could at least last for one full day (24 hours). However, reviewers commonly complain that their Apple, Samsung, and Fossil watches do not last as long as advertised. Tech companies are in somewhat of a rock and a hard space though. People want more advanced technology available on their watches, but they don’t want to pay the price of limited battery life.

Another pain point is style. Smart watches are usually designed by tech companies, so they look like a piece of technology. Not like a timeless piece of jewelry. They are also not as durable as other traditional sports style watches available. Soldiers, law enforcement, and outdoors-men are people who would actually benefit from smart watch functionalities at work. However, current smart watches offered by Apple or Samsung do not fit their style or durability requirements.

Another major issue with current smart watches is the price. Buying a brand new Apple watch can range from $399 to over $1,000. Samsung’s latest smart watch, the Galaxy Watch Active2, begins at a minimum of $279.99. Fossil’s smart watches generally start in the $295 range.

For average people, this is a huge investment in a new piece of technology. Many have never used a smart watch before, so they have to be sure it is useful before buying it. Some people have always bought their watch at a local department store for less than $100. Basic smart watches should be available at a similar rate.

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Filling the Gap in the Market: T1 Tact Watch offers sportier styles, enhanced durability, and an affordable price

A new player in the market is T1 Tact Watch, who have just released their latest smart watch called ‘Midnight Diamond’.

This watch has a much more adventurous and sporty design compared to Apple and Fossil. It is black and resembles classic sports watches from the 1980’s and 1990’s. The only thing that is different is that the Midnight Diamond is up to speed with modern smart watch technologies.

This is a game changer for people who are not a fan of the futuristic styles of popular smart watches. Not everybody wants to wear what looks like a mini tablet on their wrist. The Midnight Diamond’s timeless design fits right in with masculine wardrobes, and it definitely won’t go out of style.

Another key way that T1 Tact Watch is changing the smart watch market is its focus on durability. Not only does it look like it could withstand an extreme sporting event or a physically demanding job – it actually can.

Its design is military grade. This allows the watch to truly be able to go everywhere and withstand anything. People don’t want a want that can only be used at home, and this watch is the answer to that. The company has even shown videos of the watch being hit repeatedly with a hammer. Another video shows the watch being run over by an SUV. It is definitely one of the most durable watches on the market.

Another perk is that the Midnight Diamond does not use a rechargeable battery like Apple or Samsung. This makes it a great option for those who are not interested in charging their watch daily. The company advertises that the battery should last 33 months before having to replace it.

One of the best features of the Midnight Diamond is its affordable price. Currently, it is available to buy directly from the website at a price of $79.99. This is way friendlier on your wallet compared to other smart watch brands like Apple and Fossil. More people should have access to smart watch technologies. This fair price point is beneficial for those who are on tighter budgets.

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Why It’s ‘Smart’ to Have a Smart Watch

What do the 16% of people even gain from having a smart watch in their life? It can be a difficult transition from a traditional watch to a smart watch. But taking that leap is totally worth it.

From enhanced health and fitness applications, freedom away from smartphones, and the many navigational tools, smart watches can be a true life enhancement. Here’s a closer look at all of the reasons why people love their smart watch.

Health & Fitness

Health applications are actually a driving force behind the growth of the smart watch market. This is apparent in recent health related releases from some of the big players.

For example, Apple keeps adding powerful sensors to its watches for advanced health related applications. Their latest Series 5 watch now notifies users if their heart rate is abnormally high, low, or irregular. Anything out of the ordinary could be a sign of a serious underlying condition, so patients can now keep track this daily.

The watch also comes with an ECG app and another app which can detect if the user falls. If they are unresponsive, the watch will automatically call emergency services. It can also notify one of the user’s emergency contacts.

There are also several apps available for tracking sleeping patterns, menstrual cycles, and noise level exposure. Other apps found in Androids app store can track Blood Glucose and monitor Diabetes. These apps allow users to log their diets, medications, and blood sugars, which is convenient to do with the watch on their wrist.

In addition to the health focused applications, fitness applications are also very popular. For example, T1 Tact Watch’s Midnight Diamond has a step counter, distance tracker, and calorie counter. It can also perform calculations to determine how many calories were burned during a workout. There are also other applications that can perform more advanced workout data analysis. This watch is great for fitness because it is so durable. It can withstand the gym, outdoor running, and yoga class. The user doesn’t have to worry about it falling and breaking, which is a common worry among Apple and Samsung smart watch users.

Freedom from Smartphone

Another way that people benefit from having a smart watch is that they now feel less attached to their phones. Studies have even shown that when people are too attached to their smartphones, it is harder for them to “think deeply attentively and conceptually”. It is also hard for them to think clearly.

Developing social skills can also be a challenge with too much smartphone time. There is a growing body of research which links increased smartphone usage and the “inability to read emotions or initiate casual conversations”. Spending more face to face time with other people is the key to happiness. Whether that is friends, family, or even random strangers on the bus, human interactions are crucial to mental health.

That’s why people love their smart watches. It helps them bridge this gap between staying connected to the world through technology, but still remaining social.

People are also set free from mobile phone distractions. With their smart watch, they can set their most important notifications to come through and nothing else. This gives them the peace of mind they need without the unnecessary notifications from social media apps.

Being able to spend more time looking up at the world is a true life enhancement. With smart watches, they are able to get out and live life doing the things they love hands free.

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Travel & Navigation

Many people also love smart watches because they make it easier to travel. For example, people can hike, bike, swim, and explore without having to get out their cell phones.

Most smartwatches have GPS tracking which is convenient for hikers and climbers. The new Apple Series 5 even has a built in compass feature. This feature enables people to get out and explore without having to look down at a phone or a map.

The travel features are also convenient when sightseeing in unfamiliar environments. For example, when trying to navigate a new city, it can be easy to whip out your phone to figure out where you’re going. However, you put yourself at risk to thieves on the street who steal phones off of innocent tourists. With a watch, it is tightly strapped to your arm and you can keep the phone secure in your bag or front pocket.

Useful for Work

People now want smart watches to go everywhere with them. They’re not just for the gym or for a run, watches can now go to work.

While Apple or Fossil watches only really fit in at the office, T1 Tact Watch’s ‘Midnight Diamond’ fits in anywhere. Because it is so durable, it fits right in on construction sites and other rugged working environments like the military or law enforcement.

T1 Tact Watch also has a niche following of social media influencers. Because the watch can act as a remote control that connects to smartphones, content creators love being able to film videos for work at the touch of their wrist.

Be safe when making a purchase

With any online purchase, there is always the risk of being a victim of fraud. There are many fake companies on Amazon, Ebay, and other websites who pose as authorized dealers. These dealers often drop ship fake merchandise from China.

Buy the ‘Midnight Diamond’ directly from T1 Tact Watch website

T1 Tact Watch has actually been a victim of scammers who sell counterfeit versions of their product. They are taking this challenge head on, and advise customers to only purchase directly from their official website. Never buy a T1 Tact Watch brand watch from a third party. Buyers who have fallen victim to these scams are often disappointed by the low-quality, counterfeit product that is shipped to them from China. Once they receive this product, it doesn’t work as advertised because it is a cheaper version. This can be so frustrating for people who were looking forward to a nice smart watch.

It is wise for buyers to verify and make sure that they have received the correct product from T1 Tact Watch. On their website, the team at T1 Tact Watch have addressed the problem, expressing the following guidance:

“We ship from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia. If you receive merchandise from any other location, it’s fake. Report the fraud to your credit card company and get a refund. Sellers of counterfeit will not have customer service to help you typically. They will also avoid refunding you.”

For people who are considering buying a T1 Tact Watch product, make sure to only buy it directly from the company on their website.

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Tips for buying safely

In general, here are some great tips for online shopping.

Always check the original retail price advertised on the original company’s website. Know this price before checking other 3rd party outlets. Any price that deviates too far from the advertised price is most likely a scam. While at the website, check for any news updates posted directly from the company. It is possible that they have the latest news for recalls, releases, or warnings about fakes. They could also be able to help those who were scammed to find the correct product.

Check customer reviews from multiple sites. It is a known practice to create fake reviews, so make sure to use several sources to guide your decision making. Also, do your own research and don’t put too much stock in the reviews, since many can be fake.

Make sure to confirm that the seller’s shipping address matches the address advertised online. It is also important to check that the logo is correct. Sometimes, fake sellers can create logos that look slightly different. Or, they will only put the logo directly on the product and not on the packaging. Make sure that the product also has a product manual included. Fake sellers rarely include this extra touch, so be skeptical if the product comes without any type of instructions or materials.

Making a Decision

When it comes down to making a decision between the T1 Tact Watch and another smart watch on the market, there are a few things to consider.

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Look & Style

Think about your wardrobe and what you like to wear. Now think about how your watch will fit in with that style. If you think you are limited because smart watches will always be too trendy, think again. There are watches out there like the Midnight Diamond which fit better into more active wardrobes and lifestyles.

Also, Apple watches are trendy now, but will they be trendy 2-3 years from now? Think about how your purchase will age over the years.

Fossil watches have a wide variety of styles, but they are limited in their choices for more masculine styles and they are also quite expensive given the features available.


Think about where you want your watch to go with you. Is it just going with you to the office? Will it go hiking in the mountains with you? If you are a very active person, there is no point in buying a smart watch that you can only wear indoors. Consider buying one that can withstand the toughest work environments.

If you plan to take the watch with you to work out, think about how the watch will withstand that environment. If the band comes loose, will the watch still be okay?


What are the functionalities that are important for you? If health is a top priority, there are smart watches out there that can offer advanced health tracking and analysis. Or, if battery life is more important, consider how long the Midnight Diamond will last compared to Apple and Samsung options which need to be charged daily. If you are a YouTuber or Vlogger, consider the compatibility options that the smart watch has with your smart phone. The Midnight Diamond will be able to connect with more devices, so that is something to consider if you have multiple people that need to use it for working purposes.


Smart watch prices can be pretty expensive. So think about the value that you will get with your purchase. Especially for the more fragile smart watches, you need to make sure that the technology and applications you get with it is actually worth it. The Midnight Diamond by T1 Tact Watch is definitely worth the money. It is extremely affordable (less than half the price of Apple and Samsung), and wearers get all the smart watch features plus extreme durability that will last for years.

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