T1 Tact Watch Australia: Buying In The Land Down Under

T1 Tact Watch Australia: Buying In The Land Down Under

t1 tact watch australia

Anyone looking for the best smartwatch available to Australia won’t have to shop around for too long. The T1 Tact Watch is available for sale to the land down under and it’s as easy as going online and placing an order.

Known for living in rugged and tough situations, Australians need a tactical watch that can take the heat. The smartwatches on offer from the T1 Tact Company are made of the finest material and pass serious quality checks.

Features on Offer From the T1 Tact Watch Outdoors Smartwatch

The tactical watch from the T1 Tact Watch Company is full of great technological and fitness functions and features. All of them are there to benefit the user and help them live a healthy and convenient life.

Here’s a look at some of the features to be expected:

  • Easy Charging and Connectivity

The T1 Tact Watch is made to connect easily to both Android and iOS devices. Staying connected at all times is simplified and made for the person on-the-go.

  • Versatility

Whether out running, hiking, jogging or while at work, the built-in monitors will keep the user informed of the state of their health. The big and colorful display means checking features and functions is easy as well.

Features on T1 Tact Watch
  • Health Monitoring

Staying informed about their health is made easy with T1 Tact Watches. The built-in ECG monitor checks heart rate at all times. The wearer’s heart rate is detected every minute for real-time analysis.

Blood pressure and blood oxygen monitors are also working constantly. Every 10 minutes, blood oxygen is detected and every 5 minutes blood pressure is detected. This gives the wearer a real-time look at their health.


  • USB Charging

Stressing about battery life is not necessary with these watches. They are simply plugged into the nearest USB port and recharged.


  • Sleep Monitor

Keeping an eye on sleep habits is a good way to look at the health of the body and mind. With the T1 Tact Watch’s sleep monitor, information can be gathered that doctors can use to ensure the health of their patients.

T1 Tact Watches In Action

outdoor smartwatch or T1 Tact Watches In Action
Manly Beach, Australia where joggers can run freely and track their distance with smartwatch app with the outdoors smartwatch made with care by the T1 Tact Watch Company, users can see all the sights and enjoy all the activities on offer in Australia while benefiting from their smartwatches.

Here’s a look at examples of how the T1 Tact Watch will keep users in control of their health and fun.

In Sydney, a coastal trek from Manly to Spit is a great way to spend a day. It is a nine to 18km trek that shows off Sydney's beauty.

However, it can be quite the workout so T1 Tact Watch Australia users can fully utilize the step counter to see just how far they walked. It’s the perfect way to get exercise while having fun alone or in a group.

Brisbane offers T1 Tact Watch Australian supporters the opportunity to spend a day outside at the ‘eighth man-made wonder’ - South Bank’s Streets Beach. It is a huge lagoon that is very popular with locals and tourists alike.

T1 Tact Watches In Action

Hanging around there and near the Aquativity water park can be a wet situation. The T1 Tact Watch is waterproof enough to survive a day out there. However, it is suggested that the tactical watch be removed when swimming and diving.

Another way to keep in shape in the land down under is to head to Perth and hire a bicycle for the day and take a ferry trip to Rottnest Island.

Biking through the sights of the island is a great way to get the heart pumping a little faster while using the outdoors smartwatch from the T1 Tact Watch Company to monitor heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen.

In Melbourne, the coffee is often described as ‘heavenly’ or ‘the best’. Spending time tasting all the delicious coffee that is on offer in the city will definitely lead to some calorie intake.

Fortunately, T1 Tact Watch Australia users will be able to keep an eye on their weight with the smartwatch’s calorie counter. They won’t be left with a nagging feeling of regret after drinking so much coffee and eating the snacks that come with it!

Folks looking to go shopping and still stay connected can do so with T1 Tact smartwatches. While at the Adelaide Central Market searching through the fresh produce, users can still keep an eye on social media activity and be notified of missed calls, texts and emails.

online shopping cart

Buying T1 Tact Smartwatches in Australia

T1 Tact Watch is exclusively sold online via our T1TactWatch.com website. Simply click the "buy now" button below any image of any watch desired. International shipping is generally pretty quick as the product is shipped daily from our online orders fulfilment facility.

Any product one might find in Australia should have all authentic markings, including 'T1 Tact Watch' on the dial and our logo laser engraved on the rear of watch head, the steel encasement.

The T1 Tact Watch does not sell to any vendors in Australia and is unlikely to ever do so. Fortunately, online orders will take only 2-4 weeks until delivery.

australian money T1 Tact Watch Midnight Diamond costs just under $97 AUD

What Is the Price of Our Smartwatch in Australian Dollar (AUD$)?

The T1 Tact Watch smartwatches are $69.99 each in US dollars and when exchanged into Australian currency, the price is approximately 96,18 Australian Dollars.

The currency exchange goes up and down daily, so the selling price may vary slightly in AUD$. The US dollar price will not change.

How Much Is Shipping & Handling to Australia? How Long Is Delivery?

The fees for shipping and handling T1 Tact Watch smartwatches are the same all over the world. Watches are shipped through the United States Postal Service. The flat rate charged for delivery is $23.00 USD. That means the cost to mail the package is approximately 31,60 AUD$.

Delivery generally takes 14-28 business days. Shipping is international priority mail so it’s the fastest method offered currently without paying a higher rate. If a customer wishes to arrange for faster shipping, they can contact the company at shop@t1tactwatch.com.


Joining the T1 Tact Watch Club

One of the signatures of any luxury item is that with its purchase comes the joining of an exclusive club. That is exactly what buyers of the T1 Tact Watch get when they’ve bought a watch from the T1 Tact Watch Company - they are part of the company club. One of the benefits of being part of this club is that members are given preferential treatment. The company does everything possible to cater to the members’ needs at all times. Special offers, giveaways and discounts are also included in the club perks. The T1 Tact Watch is described as a status symbol but not necessarily of wealth. The focus of these watches is on tactical gear and technology. Wearing one of the company’s watches shows a fun sense of adventure and concern about health. In the future, perhaps owners of T1 Tact Watch products will have large gatherings taking place where users can meet and compare their experiences. Special events will also be launched at a point in the future. The company is working on many ideas that will make club members very happy.
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