Tact Watch Bluetooth Features: How Smartwatches Sync To Smart Devices

T1 Tact Watch Bluetooth: How Smartwatches Sync To Smart Devices

T1 Tact Watches are loaded with technological wireless smartwatch features and this includes the ability to sync your smartwatch with your Android and iOS devices. Users will find that T1 Tact Watch Bluetooth technology is reliable and stable and won’t fail while using the smartwatch with Bluetooth connected to their devices.

How Bluetooth Syncs With Smartwatches and What Makes Bluetooth Work With Smartwatches

To understand how it is possible to sync your smartwatch using Bluetooth, we first need to understand what Bluetooth is. In the simplest terms, Bluetooth is a radio-wave technology that has been designed for communicating over short distances of less than roughly 10 meters (30 feet). It is able to help users download photos from a camera to a laptop or desktop computer. With Bluetooth, users can connect a wireless mouse to their computer and with T1 Tact Watch Bluetooth, it’s possible to connect the watch to a mobile device. Devices that are able to connect and sync with Bluetooth have built-in radio antennas which are receivers and transmitters. These devices are able to send and receive wireless signals at the same time to other Bluetooth-able devices. The power of the device’s transmitter is what determines how good of a range it will have. The most common range is 10 meters and this seems to satisfy most users.

So, How Does Bluetooth Work?

When connecting two devices via Bluetooth radio waves in a band of about 79 different channels (frequencies) that are centered on 2.45 GHz are sent and received. These waves are not exactly the same as used by cellphones, televisions or radios.

The radio waves use almost no power and don’t travel very far but are what makes Bluetooth work with smartwatches. Since the waves don’t travel as far as Wi-Fi does, it is considered to be a lot more secure and safe.

Bluetooth devices can automatically detect each other and connect. Many people don’t realize but up to eight devices can communicate at a time without interfering with each other. This is because of the 79 channels available for Bluetooth connection.

Smartwatches have Bluetooth abilities and this is what makes it possible for these watches to connect with devices that are also Bluetooth capable.

Connecting Smartwatch with Bluetooth Devices - Step-By-Step Guide

Now that you have a better idea of what makes Bluetooth work with smartwatches, we can look at how to use this feature.
T1 Tact Watch Midnight Diamond Smartwatch syncs with smartphone, tablets, and some smart digital camera devices T1 Tact Watch Midnight Diamond Smartwatch syncs with smartphone, tablets, and some smart digital camera devices
For a basic pairing between your T1 Tact Watch Bluetooth and your devices, you, fortunately, won’t need to know all the technicalities that happen behind the scenes or how Bluetooth syncs with smartwatches. Basically, all you will have to do is make sure your smartwatch and devices are fully charged and follow the steps we provide.

Step One

Turn on the Bluetooth of your Android or iOS device. You will find the options by looking for the famous blue and white Bluetooth symbol. From there, select ‘Turn On’ and make sure that the device is ‘discoverable’. When the device is ‘discoverable’, it can be picked up by other devices so they can pair with each other.

Step Two

Turn on the T1 Tact Watch that will be synced with the device. Users should know where the power button is so this shouldn’t be too difficult to do.

Step Three

Go to the Bluetooth settings of your phone/device and click on the option to ‘Search for Devices’ or ‘Scan Devices’. Wait until the device has discovered the smartwatch (it will display the watch name). A screen will pop up on the phone that asks for a code that will have to match a code entered into the smartwatch as well. You choose the code and just have to make sure that you enter the same code in the smartwatch and the device. Once this is done, your device and smartwatch will be paired. In the future, there will be no need to pair the two again. They’ll automatically connect to each other if Bluetooth has been turned on for both of them. Once you have followed these three simple steps, using the wireless smartwatch features of your T1 Tact Watch will be easy, as long as the watch and the device are close enough to each other.

What if My Devices Won’t Connect?

If your T1 Tact Watch and your device is having trouble connecting to each other, there are ways to solve the problem. It is simply a case of finding the reason and sorting it out. Finding the problem is as easy as following our list of suggestions. Some of the suggestions may sound silly but it is quite possible that you simply forgot to switch on your Bluetooth and wanted to connect. Rather double-check and sort out your problem than continue to struggle with the lack of connection.

Are The Devices Switched On?

Yes, this seems like something that should be obvious, but sometimes power-saving modes can cause a problem. Just make sure that the device and the smartwatch are both switched on and not in a power-saving or sleep mode.

Does The Device Support Bluetooth?

The T1 Tact Watch does support Bluetooth and won’t be the source of a problem. Make sure that the device that you want to pair with supports Bluetooth. Many older devices do not come with built-in Bluetooth. Knowing this can save you a lot of frustration.

Are The Devices Compatible?

If you’re using an Android or iOS device, there shouldn’t be any problems because T1 Tact Watches are compatible with these devices. However, other devices may not be able to connect with the smartwatches.

This is because the device may not have the same version of Bluetooth as the watch. Although Bluetooth is backward compatible in most cases, there are some exceptions, such as Bluetooth Smart.

Is Bluetooth Switched On?

This is another problem that seems so obvious most people don’t think about checking it. Before getting upset with the device or smartwatch, make sure the Bluetooth is turned on.

Head To The Manufacturer’ Website

If pairing the smartwatch and device just isn’t happening, consider taking a look at the information provided on the device’s manufacturer website.

There, it should be easy to determine if this is a known issue, if there are ways to fix it and what other users are experiencing.

Reboot The Devices

Sometimes, all that is called for is a fresh start. Many people scoff at the advice ‘Have you tried switching it off and on again?’ but it often does the trick and can clear up issues and problems.

This gives the devices and smartwatch the opportunity to start afresh and connect anew.

Make Sure The Watch and Device Are Charged

Although Bluetooth connections really don’t use a lot of power, it can still be draining on a battery.

With that said, it is important for the smartwatch and the device it should connect with to have enough battery power. Make sure that both have at least 50% power when connecting to avoid any problems.

Are The Device Close Enough To Each Other?

Your smartwatch and device don’t need to physically touch for a good Bluetooth connection, but they still need to be close to each other.

Most Bluetooth ranges are not very wide so keep the pair close enough that distance is not a problem.

Switch off Airplane Mode

When a device is in Airplane Mode, many of its functions are turned off. This means that Bluetooth will not be available.

Make sure that the device is not in this mode before attempting to connect with your smartwatch.

Potential Interference

Despite being unlikely, it is possible that there could be some interference that is making it difficult for the smartwatch and the device to make a Bluetooth connection.

Some wireless routers, badly shielded electronic cables, garage door openers and microwaves could cause an interference.

Be sure to move away from any of these possible interfering objects to get the best open radio waves.

Restart Discovery

In some rare cases, it can happen that the discovery process goes wrong. The best thing to do if you suspect that this is what happened is to ‘forget’ the devices that you want to pair with and starting over.

It is recommended that the smartwatch and device be rebooted before trying again.

Are There Updates Required?

When an update is required, it could be that the outdated software or system won’t function properly anymore. If your watch and device is having trouble, double-check that there aren’t updates waiting for download or approval.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, be sure to also check if there are drivers that need to be updated. An outdated driver can mess around a device and cause all kinds of havoc.

Not all updates for drivers come with a notification so you may have to do some digging to determine if this is the reason behind your struggle.

Also make sure that your firmware is updated because when it is only partially updated or not at all, a device will greatly suffer for it. Visit your device’s website to make sure everything is up to date.

BlueBorne Bluetooth Virus BlueBorne Bluetooth Virus


It is very easy for a virus to make its way onto anything that is connected to the internet. Do regular anti-virus checks to keep your devices in the best and safest possible condition. These viruses can make themselves cosy in your settings and cause unexpected problems.

Stored Settings

If all else fails, go to your device settings and head to the saved settings. It is possible that files can become corrupted. By deleting the corrupted files, the Bluetooth issue could be resolved.

Clear the stored settings of your device to give it a fresh start that could do the trick.

If none of these suggestions have helped, it is recommended that you call your device manufacturer’s customer service or reach out to the T1 Tact Watch Company.

Why a Bluetooth Connection Matters When Using T1 Tact Watches

When using the Midnight Diamond or the Smart Fit Band, using the Bluetooth connection to sync with a device helps users to get the most out of their smartwatches. T1 Tact Watches have Bluetooth applications that receive smartphone updates and are designed for Samsung, Apple, Huwaei, Sony, and all other models of smart devices that have Android4.3+ or IOS7.0+ opearating systems. New and missed call notifications can be seen, missed emails and social media activity can also be monitored. The Smart Fit Band allows remote access to a device’s camera, which is possible with a Bluetooth connection. It is easy to use the device’s camera timer to take the perfect photos or videos.

Is Bluetooth Truly Safe?

As we’ve mentioned above, Bluetooth connections are seen as secure because the radio waves only travel a short distance. This means that someone with bad intentions on the other side of the world can’t reach your devices or smartwatch no matter how hard they try. Hacking into wireless communication isn’t at all as easy as spy movies would make one thnk. Bluetooth communications are encrypted to protect users against any hacking from outside. For added peace of mind, users can restrict certain devices if they don’t trust them. As an example, it is possible to allow a cellphone to only be operated by one Bluetoot hands-free set and none other. This kind of ‘device-level security’ isn’t really used by most people but will give extra-careful users a better sense of security. There are instances of bluejacking - when people send messages to devices for advertising purposes - that might cause concern. Other related privacy issues are bluebugging - when a Bluetooth device is taken over without the owner’s knowledge - and bluesnarfing - when a Bluetooth connection is used to download information. However, by turning off Bluetooth when not using a device and always keeping an eye on the devices, these forms of security breach are unlikely to happen. If necessary, simply install a good anti-virus program that will protect against such outside meddling
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