Tact Watch

Tact Watch

What this part of our brand name means.

The T1 Tact Watch company is a smartwatch brand. However, the niche which we focus on is separate from the commercial, pop-culture hyped trends that consume TV. Instead, the niches for our smartwatches are sports and tactical training. Though considered mens watches by design and color, products sold here are unisex friendly. Featured watches are for everyone that who appreciate durability and active.

Tact Watch” is defined as a digital time keeping device that meets the needs of people in tactical and sports training activities. Our premier technology, the Midnight Diamond smartwatch, spread into the mainstream organically. However, it was first targeting men and women in the tactical career fields. It was made for police, firefighters, military servicemen, tactical weapons trainers, armed security guards, sports & athletics trainers.

The official brand name is abbreviated as T1TW. The full name is “T1 Tact Watch.” Other nicknames exist as well such as the “T1 Watch” or “T1 Smartwatch.” The internet loves shorthand writing forms. Because of this, deviations of our brand name are many. There are likely more than known by our brand and sure to evolve further.

Are other websites & online stores using the trademark name “Tact Watch” authentic?

No other websites or online stores using the name is official as they claim. They are not registered as they profess. Search the USPTO.gov website for authentic, registered American Trademarks. Our brand is the only US trademark in existence, in the product category of smartwatches, who can use ‘tact watch.’ The official name is “T1 Tact Watch.’ These are official documents disclosed to the public for verification of what is authentic.

Originally based in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, The T1TW smartwatch brand has since expanded. A second base is now in Atlanta-Georgia, home of the world’s busiest airport. This helps with our shipping process to people across the world.

In conclusion, T1TactWatch.com is the only website that legally uses the “®” or “™” symbols used in conjunction with any part of our brand name. Whether “T1 Tact Watch” or even ‘tact watch,’ others using it are giving customers fake trademarked goods. T1TW does not sell to other online retailers, this is the only store on the internet for our authentic watch products.

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