Tactical fitness watch

Tactical fitness watch

The T1 Tact Watch can improve your exercise routine.

If you exercise in the gym or outdoors, the new age has invented various technology to help. There are mobile device connected methods to improve your performance, especially coming into 2020. The ‘Midnight Diamond’ is one of these new inventions that can and will help your resuls. The premier model of the T1 Tact watch brand, it is a tactical fitness watch. And as soon as you connect via bluetooth, it is ready to track calories, running habits, steps on stairclimbers, and more.

Find over 12 functions good for daily use on the T1TW see all here >. The most important when working out in the gym or running are part of our pedometer application download. Sync your T1 Tact Watch via bluetooth to your phone after downloaded and be amazed at variety of new ways to analyze your exercise habits.

Learn Your Calories Burned

The first feature on the Midnight Diamond is a simple calorie counter. This smartwatch model will track body movement via an internal pendulum. The swing of it estimates how much movement goes on with your body limbs. The data is stored on the watch simcard (included) along with your physical body specifications and gets transferred to the watch from your phone, via bluetooth. As all workout data is entered into a formula that includes your body type, the smartwatch processor then forms an estimated amount of calories burned. The accuracy will be enough to help guide you through a weight gain or loss process. This all depending on which direction you look to go

Find Out the Distance You Covered

Another feature, the runners’ beloved ‘distance tracker.’ Once activated, based on the slight rise and fall motion of your hand which has the watch on it, data starts computing. This tactical fitness smartwatch can determine when you take a step. Each stride, again pairs with information of your body type, to estimate the distance you cover with with footstep. Once you stop the tracker, then the steps taken will be multiplied by the estimated span of a single stride and give a suggested final distance covered.

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Weekly Workout Data Storage & Analysis Report

After 7 days are up, your smartwatch and phone will work together to calculate workout averages. This analysis will tell you totals of what you’ve done daily and what you need to do to improve, if looking to reach a certain goal. Even if looking to make things happen by a certain date, this information can be used. With your tactical fitness watch figure out now how much work has to be put in at the gym or on the running trail to reach weight goals.

This watch works with men and women. Though the ‘Midnight Diamond’ is considered a guy’s smartwatch, read this page to understand why its labeled ‘for men’ but women still wear it: read more here.

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