Tactical Watch Box

Tactical Watch Box

It’s a simple watch box with instructions manual included.

tactical smartwatch box

With each order, comes everything needed to understand and operate a Midnight Diamond smartwatch. The instructions manual is a small paper pamphlet inside. It is simple to read. As shipping convenience is preferred, the default tactical watch box is as lightweight as possible. These basic containers are simple storage, easy for shipping and transport.

What does the official watch box look like?

The official smartwatches’ boxes are labeled “T1 Tact Watch” or simply ‘Smartwatch.’ The official color is solid black, no exceptions. The writing of text on these units is inset. It will appear a little glossy. The lettering is done in a steel color.

It’s important to avoid too much reading to get the idea across of this design. Therefore, photos of watches with boxes can be seen at the top and the bottom of the page. Images on this website are copied around the web. However, T1TactWatch.com videos are exclusives that originate from us and frequently removed from other site by our legal team. For a quick live visual, watch the video below. Also subscribe to the official Youtube for more videos.

The White Box Is Discontinued

In early 2018, T1 Tact Watch did have a white box. However, these boxes would now indicate to consumers the “Midnight Diamond’ watch model being purchased is outdated. Even if reviewing, keep in mind that product is not upgraded to the latest standards. Be aware, T1TW has since upgraded internal hardware technologies. This includes both processing chips and battery.

Also, remember if purchasing the the white box model, it should be used. T1 Tact Watch has never had an overstock of this product. The conclusion of seeing this box, it is a downgrade from what is being sold today. As so, why purchase the same watch design with less functionability?

Smartwatch Box Coming Soon With 2 Display Stands

In April of 2019, there will be a new containment unit unveiled and option to buy at checkout. A 3D printed container with two ‘game changing’ desktop watch stands (display units) will be made available to the public. The innovative designs are very creative and will further expand upon the clarity of what is authentic and fakes. T1 Tact Watches are higher quality than counterfeit trademark goods.

The price of the 3-piece unit will be $11.99 . The mold will be exclusive to the T1TactWatch.com store and branded with the trademark logo. It is sure others will try to replicate this. Because of the many fakes and replicas, company goals to are to diversify the color infrequently. Customers can compare the official store here to others to immediately know if thing are authentic.

Free tactical watch stand for desktop

With T1 Tact Watch offering the new stands, it’s obvious new customers will also want one to rest their wrist wear on. Therefore, a free desktop display stand comes with all watches beginning March 15th, 2019. These displays will be simple and easy to ship with the original, free black tactical smartwatch box.

The height of the unit is about ~5 inches in height and 2 inches in width. When a customer is not wearing their Midnight Diamond, simply put your watch on the stand. As so, if placed correctly, it will remain upright with time facing upward for easy viewing.

t1 tact watch with tactical box
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