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Watch Features To Have During Co-Vid 19 aka CoronaVirus Pandemic

Wearable Technology For the Pandemic

The year of 2020 is one that will not be forgotten. Amidst the China New Years celebration, the most contagious CoronaVirus of the last century began spreading. An epidemic specifically named “Covid 19,” it’s changed the lifestyles of all people around the world. . In a time where every product you use needs to be sanitized and germ free, your wrist wear is no exception. Here are the top 12 smartwatch features useful during the Covid-19 Coronavirus era.

  1. Silicone DLC Coating: Can you sanitize your smartwatch?
    Most tactical watches, including our “Midnight Diamond” are indeed waterproof. T1 Tact Watch’s premier smartwatch has survived plunges into water 50 meters deep. Not only that, the watch band is made of diamond-like carbon silicone. The dial has a matching cover of the same material. Users of the wearable tech can easily wipe down the watch with hand sanitizer and/or alcohol without a problem. Let it sit in the thing layer of solution for 10 minutes to be sure the virus cells are completely eliminated. Go back to wearing our watch as you normally would after.

    If your watch is made of a non-silicone material, you may want to put it in the closet for a while. The germs that you could carry home, without being able to sanitize the watch properly after an outing, could be devastating.
  2. Smartwatch Apps: New Text Message / Social Media DM Updates
    Everyone needs to keep up with family and friends right now. People have died from Covid-19 in less than 24 hours of reaching the hospital. As soon as someone may have a symptom of this super contagious coronavirus, it’s important anyone they contact can assist. An extra beep / flash to notice you have new messages, could mean ‘the world’ of difference. It’s better to have, than not to have in this time. A harsh reality, the reply message could be the last time a person has to text or message their loved one quarantined in a hospital.
  • Dust Proof: Can germs enter an airtight watch?
    Many people questioned if it was important that the T1 Tact Watch “Midnight Diamond” was dust-proof. After all, who expects to go into a desert camping or adventure experience in their lifetime? Not many.

    The times have changed with this covid19 outbreak however. Because the T1TW Midnight Diamond is dust-proof, it keeps the smallest particles out of the internal body. It’s not confirmed but it is believed, the CoronaVirus can not slide into ‘hidden’ spaces of the smartwatch, as it’s design is made for all-terrains. Military personnel may cross a jungle or parasite friendly environment while on a mission. The “Midnight Diamond” was constructed with this in mind, and it’s better to have wristwear you can sterilize with ease and no chance of hidden viral matter.
  1. Security Film: Is there a remote control for smartphone cameras?
    As basic needs like food becomes more dire, the need to protect yourself at home will also grow. It may seem ‘strange,’ but the former tool used for espionage and social media pranks, may now be more important for security. Activate the video recorder or camera of your telephone from a distance. Collect audio, video, or photo evidence in the moment that you did not expect to happen.
  2. Sleep Monitor: Notice difference of breathing habits at night
    Covid 19 aka Corona Virus comes with the symptom of difficulty breathing. Therefore, if you’re going to sleep feeling awkward about your respiration, you will have sleep data to compare how your body is

While there are several additional features to the T1 Tact Watch “Midnight Diamond,” these are the most important during the current climate of society. As the global pandemic known as “CoronaVirus’ is likely to kill over 1-million people, this wearable technology can be useful. The tactical watch is a resource imperative in specified cases above, especially in comparison to most alternatives.

For the latest up to date information on CoronaVirus, watch CNN.com.

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