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We aim to please. Contact us for help. We do not sell product via any other websites.

Frequently Asked Questions: 


I purchased my smartwatch from another website, can you help me? 

We are the US Trademark owner of the American Brand, T1 Tact Watch. We do not sell  nor distribute our smartwatches to any other on-line retailers.  Therefore, if you purchased our smartwatch from another website or online seller claiming our brand, it is a counterfeit. 

How do you get a refund on counterfeit? ( read here)

What type of battery do I need for this watch? 

We have instructions on how to replace your watch battery: read here


How long does shipping & handling take?  

T1 Tact Watch is an American Brand and we ship from the United States, to your destination.    All packages are shipped via the United States Postal Service unless arranged otherwise by customer.  As so, shipping  & handling for locations within the United States generally take ~10 business days.    Shipments to other countries varies and we do have help for determining arrival dates ( read here ).

Where can I find the instructions manual? 

Some people buy used watches and want a new manual.  Therefore we have two ways to go about getting such details.  Learn more about those options:  read here


Customer Support Contact:

  • Did you purchase a smartwatch from us or thinking of doing so but have questions?   Simply give us one simple e-mail with your concerns/questions in an organized format. We will respond promptly.
    • customer support e-mail:  Shop@T1TactWatch.com  

Business & Retail Inquiries:

  • Are you a store looking to carry our line of smartwatches?  Please e-mail us your store name, location, contact name, and hours to contact you. 

Phone Support:

  • Need to reach us by phone?  Please call us and leave a message. We will respond back at our earliest availability.
    • support phone number: 302.937.2625
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