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Become a T1 Tact Watch Affiliate

Start your passive income journey today, without investing a single penny. No catch, no costs, and no nasty surprises.

Earn 20% commission on each purchase from your referral link. It couldn't be simpler.

We rely on enthusiastic and motivated people to help us promote our product, and earn money as they do so. As a representative of our brand, you will use your website, blog, and social channels to promote our products. You will also be provided with a software to monitor the performance of your marketing efforts, including resulting sales and commission payments earned.

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How our affiliate program works

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Reasons to join as a T1 Tact Watch affiliate

free join

Free to Join - Registering takes just a few minutes and is completely FREE. You'll receive an easy-to-use, unique referral link for use on your website or blog right away. 


Highest Commissions in the Industry - Earn a 20% commission on each sale generated from your referral link, with no restrictions on how much you can earn.

unlimited earning

Unlimited Earnings - We don't cap the total commissions you can collect - earn unlimited commissions by referring as many people as you can.

Cookie Duration

Long 365-Days Cookie Duration - For a limited time, any orders from visitors who click on your link but don't place an order at that time will earn you a commission if the order is placed within twelve months (365 Days).

Regular Payouts

Regular Payouts - T1 Tact Watch affiliates are paid monthly. We make payments on the 15th of each month, provided that you have earned at least $100 in commission. Payments are issued in US currency.

Support Team

Dedicated Support Team - Our affiliate managers are on hand to help you succeed. We’ll provide you with the support, insights, and personalized advice you need to make a success of your business.

5 Easy steps to join as an affiliate


Sign up

Complete the online application to register as a member of the T1 Tact Watch Affiliate program. Our affiliate application is free, secure, and accessible 24/7. No catch, no costs, and no hidden surprises.

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Provide payment information

Payment is made through PayPal. At the end of the online application form, you will be asked to provide your PayPal ID/email. 

affiliate link

Generate your affiliate URL

After you register as an affiliate, you will be assigned a custom link that can be used to refer customers. The link will redirect users to our brand page after they click it, ensuring any purchase made by that customer earns you commission, even if the order is not placed during that browsing session. Remember, our cookies last for 90 days.

share link

Share your affiliate URL

Your affiliate URL can be used across multiple media platforms, shared it through email, place it on your website and blog, or use your social media channels to drive traffic to the T1 Tact Watch website. As your customer referrals place orders, you can earn unlimited commissions. The more locations in which you share your URL, the more money you stand to earn.

date affiliate

Keep up to date with affiliate tracking

Using Post Affiliate Pro for affiliate tracking provides the most accurate analytics, helping you decide where and how to share your affiliate link to maximize your earnings as a T1 Tact Watch Affiliate.

This program is ideal for….

Blog Owners

Website Owners

Content Publishers

Content Editors


Email Marketers 


And more...


"Still not convinced about our affiliate program?"

When you have the right product, it pretty much sells itself!

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Your potential payouts

T1 Tact Watch Affiliates

75 +

T1 Tact Watch Affiliates 

commission paid

$35000 +

Affiliate Commission Paid Until Today

monthly commission

$12000 +

Average Monthly Commissions

Frequently asked questions

What is the T1 Tact Watch affiliate program? 

The T1 Tact Watch affiliate program is a free-to-join marketing program, where every T1 Tact Watch sale pays a fixed commission to affiliates. You can promote the T1 Tact Watch by using the unique referral link, we provide. After which, we track the referrals you send to our website through your affiliate link, paying a 20% commission per completed sale.

Do I need to pay a sign-up fee?

No - it’s 100% free to start your passive income journey, with no costs involved at any time.

Where do I sign up for the affiliate program?

Am I eligible for this affiliate program?

It’s easy to become our affiliate, and there are no eligibility requirements to fulfill. Just follow the simple steps below: 

  • Sign up for the T1 Tact Watch affiliate program at

  • Enter your details as prompted and submit your application for approval.

  • You will then be notified within 24-48 hours if you have been approved or rejected.

  • If you are approved as an affiliate, your unique affiliate link will be provided. 

  • You are then free to share your link and drive traffic to the T1 Tact Watch website, in order to start earning money as our affiliate.

Do I need any technical skills to become an affiliate?

Affiliates do not need any special technical knowledge to succeed with the program. We provide the links, the tracking information, and the support you’ll need to begin generating revenues straight away.

Where can I promote the T1 Tact Watch?

You can promote the T1 Tact Watch on your website, your blog, your social media channels, in your emails – anywhere you like.

Please be aware that you are required to include an affiliate disclosure on each page that contains T1 Tact Watch affiliate links. The disclosure must comply with the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) requirements.

What is the FTC affiliate disclosure for affiliate marketing?

In 2009, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released guidelines for affiliate marketers promoting products and services to reduce consumer deception. The T1 Tact Watch is one of those companies, as our headquarters are based in the USA. As a T1 Tact Watch affiliate, you are obligated to follow the FTC’s guidelines when using T1 Tact Watch affiliate links.

When and how do I get paid?

T1 Tact Watch pays affiliates each month. We make payments on the 15th of the month, provided that you have earned at least $100 in commission. Payments are issued in US currency via PayPal.

How much can I earn as your affiliate?

There is no limit to the amount of money you can earn as an affiliate your earnings are determined by the size of your audience and the reach of your affiliate URL. We offer a fixed commission on every sale currently a market-leading 20%. 

Where can I monitor my commissions?

The affiliate panel provides information about commissions, sales, and other important information. You can view a variety of detailed reports for helpful information.

What if my referral doesn't show up in the reports?

Our tracking software is very advanced, so the chances of this happening are low. However, if it does occur, we will work with you to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Send an email to, along with the domain name and date of sale.

What is the cookie duration?

We provide the longest cookie duration in the industry - our tracking cookie will remain valid for 365 days.

Can I run paid ads for the affiliate link?

Yes, please contact us for more information.

Can I bid on T1 Tact Watch keywords?

As per our guidelines, you are not permitted to bid on T1 Tact Watch brand keywords such as T1 Tact, T1 Tact Watch, T1tactwatch, Tact Watch T1, etc. Contact us before running paid ads if you require further clarification. 

Who should I contact for information about the affiliate program?

For questions regarding the affiliate program, please email our team at

Can people outside of the United States become affiliate partners?

Yes! Non-U.S. partners are welcome to join our affiliate program.

Can I use my affiliate link on multiple websites to promote your product?

Yes, you can use one affiliate link across multiple websites, as long as your content is unique to each site.

Note: If you have more than one website, do not sign up for multiple affiliate accounts. Link each of your websites to a single account and centralize your earnings in one place.

Any Questions?

Feel free to send us any questions you have about the program, along with general queries on how to succeed as an affiliate to

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