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11 Features Men Check When Buying A Smartwatch

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Looking for a smartwatch but having a tough time deciding on what you need? The wearable technology industry has skyrocketed in recent years, flooding the market with thousands of options. Lucky for you, we’ve assembled a list of 11 features men check when buying a smartwatch. Read these tips and choose the best smartwatch features for your needs.


Tip #1: Check System Compatibility

First up on the 11 features men check when buying a smartwatch is compatibility. You don’t want to buy a smartwatch only to find out the hard way that it’s not compatible with your smartphone. Different brands will make watches that are only compatible with their own software. However, check the specifications to see if your watch is compatible with operating systems from different companies.


Tip #2: Look for Fitness Functionality

Smartwatches are great tools for fitness-minded folks who like to keep track of their progress and stats. Features such as heart rate and oxygen sensors, pedometer, and calorie counters are all useful for the active individual. If you’re a runner, you especially need a watch with integrated GPS which can both track your runs, and lead you home if you stray too far. To see most of these functions in action, check the T1 Tact Watch which houses these features in a durable steel frame.


Tip #3: Look for Battery Life

When picking out a smartwatch, the specifications sheet is your best friend. Here you’ll find everything you need to know, from the memory, to storage, to features, and most importantly- battery life. Having a great, or expensive, smartwatch isn’t that helpful if the battery doesn’t last long enough for everything you need it for. Hybrid smartwatches with an analog-style face consume less battery than touch screen watches.


Look for Battery Life

Tip #4: Display Options

The type of display you choose will greatly affect how long your watch battery lasts. For example, the best digital screen display you can choose is either an LCD or AMOLED display which shows the apps and information in bright, vibrant color. But in the world of smartwatches, color has a price, and that’s shorter battery life. Also, there is another type of display called OLED which helps give the watch a slimmer profile. For maximum battery try to choose something with a black and white display, unless of course you can’t live without color!


Tip #5: Touchscreen v.s. Touchless

One of the best smartwatch features nowadays is a touchscreen, which gives you full, tactile control over your apps, music, and more. However, it can get difficult to cycle between apps on a tiny screen, especially if you have big fingers or gloves. That’s why smartwatch makers usually offer hybrids that include touchscreen and a button, usually in the form of a bezel. This hybrid functionality lets you zoom in or scroll with both a side button and pressure-sensitive displays.


Tip #6: Check the Watch Band

Because you’re ultimately choosing something that’s going to live on your wrist for the majority of your day, make sure it’s comfortable. Specifically, look at the type of wrist band, its material, and the type of clasp, and try it on to see how it feels. Especially for those who will use their watch for exercise, you don’t want an uncomfortable clasp cutting into your skin while you run. Additionally, some watch brands offer many types of bands you can easily switch out, giving you more versatility. The best smartwatch wristband will be the one that’s most comfortable to you.

smart fit band wristband

Tip #7: Personalization

Speaking of comfort, you want a smartwatch that lets you personalize it to your own style. This means you can find a wristband and latch system that works best for you and your activities. Many smartwatches offer options for band material, finish, and size. Try to find the best smartwatch color that fits your personal style. Additionally, if your watch is too difficult to put on or take off, it may cause problems during a run or exercise session. Remember that a tough and durable band will be part of the most rugged smartwatch for men.


Tip #8: Watch Face Style

The style of the smartwatch face has definitely changed over the years. Particularly, many smartwatches now offer a style similar to an ordinary analog watch, but with all the functionality of a digital smartwatch. These may be good options for the style-minded individual, and there are now options from high-fashion brands. For extra style points, choose a neutral color that goes with everything you wear– the worst smartwatch color is the one that doesn’t fit your style!


Tip #9: Choose Your Apps

One of the best smartwatch features is its app store. Nowadays you can choose any smartwatch you like and be sure that there is a robust offering of apps you can use. Each brand will have its own apps, and most of them do pretty much the same thing– store your exercise data, contacts, music, notes, calendar, etc. Particularly, many companies offer the most popular apps including Lyft, Uber, and WhatsApp. If you use a particular set of apps more than others, make sure you check the specs page to see if the smartwatch you want offers them.

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Tip #10: Mobile Calling and Payment Options

Most smartwatches let you make calls directly from your wrist using integrated LTE. By paying a separate data plan for your smartwatch, you can take and make calls even when your phone is off and at home. Just make sure you know which payment system is offered by your watch, it will most likely be the brand’s proprietary option.


Tip #11: Check the Price!

Last, but certainly not least, check the price! A smartwatch can run you anywhere between $100 to more than $1000! Of course, brand and features all affect how high the price is, but you can find most fully functional smartwatches between the $200-$500 range. Of course, depending on the accessories you add the price can quickly be much more.

So that’s it! These 11 features men check when buying a smartwatch will help you decide on the best watch for your needs, and everything to check before pulling the trigger on one of these multi-functional timepieces.

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