About Us

Home of the official T1 Tact Watch company. Brand established with the USPTO.GOV trademark registry. Makers of durable smartwatches and tactical gear accessories. Ranked Top 5 of our niche by several media outlets. Manufacturers of durable smartwatches and accessories, we’re proud to offer the market’s highest-grade tactical gear at rock-bottom prices.

Engineered by a team of ex-service personnel who share a love for extreme outdoor activities, the T1 Tact Watch proves you really can have it all – and without breaking the bank (or destroying your watch!)

Our business was established to address a glaring gap in the market. Tactical watches of true military-grade have been around for generations, but have traditionally been far too expensive.  Finding anything for less than three figures has typically been impossible, if looking for something that performs like genuine military hardware.

The way we saw it, there was really no reason why an ultra-durable smartwatch loaded with the latest technology should cost the Earth. A point we set about proving, when we began designing and manufacturing our T1 Tact Watch.

Several years and dozens of prototypes later, we hit the nail on the head.  Combining the capabilities of a world-class tactical watch with a sub-$100 price tag, we achieved a market-first with the T1 Tact Watch.

You can still easily pay $300+ for a military-grade watch, or you can pick up our exclusive T1 Tact Watch and keep more of your cash in your pocket.  All without compromising on quality, durability or style.

Built to Perform, Engineered to Last

Since first going on sale in 2018, we’ve sold thousands of T1 Tact Watches to customers across more than 13 countries.  

From local law enforcement to firefighters to military personnel and other first responders, our T1 Tact Watch has earned rave reviews from those who know what battle-tested hardware is all about.

Day in and day out, our engineers are constantly looking for ways to improve our exclusive T1 Tact Watch. We’ve refined its exterior design and internal circuitry regularly over the years, ensuring our T1 Tact Watch stays one step ahead of the competition.

Whether looking for the perfect gift for someone special or searching for a super-rugged watch to support your demanding lifestyle, our T1 Tact Watch represents unbeatable value for money.

Learn more about this top-selling tactical watch on our website, or contact the team at the T1 Tact Watch Company anytime if you have any questions.

Our sincere thanks once again for checking us out and we look forward to hearing from you!