Smart Fit Band

2020’s Most Fun Fitness Watch: The Smart Fit Band

T1 Tact Smart Fit Band

T1 Tact Watch just released the newest, sleekest smartwatch to the fitness market: the Smart Fit Band. This watch is easily the top watch for the gym and training in 2020. This wrist piece has all the essential features to keep wearers in touch with their health and fitness goals.

Users who keep up with the fast-changing trends may recognize this brand for their well-known durability and functionality. Since its beginning, T1 Tact has been known for creating watches that prioritize the user experience.

The Smart Fit Band Story

This new piece comes straight from the makers of the strongest, most reliable watch on the market. Plus, their products are extremely affordable, coming in at less than a third of the cost of many mainstream smartwatches.

Fitness and health are of utmost importance in today’s day and age. The engineers took that into consideration when they picked out the features. The watch keeps everyone in mind, with usable features for people of all ages and activity levels.

The brand is promoted on Instagram (@t1tactwatch) for humans on the go and those who love to adventure. There is no limit to the usability of the watch. With practical features and customizable sizing, anyone can experience the benefits of being connected to their health.


T1TW Smart fit Band logo

Specs that Can’t be Ignored


This fitness band has all the features you need to keep your life and health on track. Here’s an overview:


Health Features:


Step Counter / Pedometer

  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Blood Oxygen Monitor
  • Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Electronic Movement & Distance Tracking
  • Sleep Tracking
  • Calorie Counting

Usability & Convenience Features

  • New Call and Text Notifications
  • View Missed Calls, Emails, Texts & Social Media Notifications
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Remote Control Phone Camera
  • Touch Controls
  • Alarm
  • IP67 Waterproof

Now, we’ll break these down a bit more.

While these features are extensive, the interfaces are reportedly fun and easy for all users to learn. The package comes with detailed instructions on all the capabilities of the watch and smartphone application.

Similar to most smartwatches, you can quickly connect to iOS and Andriod via Bluetooth. The app provides a daily assessment of activity and health as well as other notifications. Health data is held in the app, granting users the ability to go back and follow their progress. Information can also be used to provide medical providers with a more accurate image of activity levels, which enables better health care.


T1TW Smart fit Band rear casing

Watches this thin and sleek usually can’t offer heart rate, blood oxygen or blood pressure monitoring, but this band has it all. Wearers get all the benefits of larger, more expensive wrist pieces at half the cost.

Though the watch maintains a slim profile, the symbols and screen are larger than most watches for easy reading and interaction.

Users do not have the ability to respond to messages via the watch, which may be viewed as a negative. However, the designers of the watch intend for this stylish piece to promote productivity and limited distraction. Stay informed with updates from your loved ones, but only pick up the phone to respond when necessary.

The IP67 waterproof rating means this watch can withstand submersion up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes. Devices under this protection rating are safe for washing hands, running in heavy rain, doing dishes, or taking a shower. However, it is advised that the piece is removed before underwater activities like swimming and diving.

On top of all that, the watch keeps perfect time in line with your smartphone. The default home screen will always display the time, date, and day of the week.


T1TW Smart fit Band

Top Watch for the Gym and Training in 2020

Some may see this new release as just one of many watches for exercise gurus. Yet, this watch’s capabilities set it apart.

Though it’s just been released, some ratings are already giving it top reviews for individuals who prioritize their fitness and health in 2020. The band allows you to stay connected to life while also keeping an accurate record of your activity while training. Additionally, it records all of life’s movement, since health and fitness require a whole-life approach.

Suited for runners, cross-trainers, weight lifters, hikers, and anyone else who prioritizes their fitness, the band can be used to track customized training goals.

No type of activity is left out. Hikers and bicyclers can utilize distance tracking and the pedometer. Long-distance runners can use the heart rate and blood oxygen monitors to keep track of their cardiovascular strength. Those who prefer HIIT workouts, weightlifting and sprinting can use the heart rate monitor to ensure proper rest before starting the next set.

T1TW Smart fit power band

Why T1 Tact Watch?

Maybe you’ve never heard of this up-and-coming brand. However, the first watch they released, the Midnight Diamond, was voted best tactical smartwatch under $400 by Thrive Global. On the website, the watch has nearly 5 stars and users proclaim their love for the watch across the internet. The website and YouTube page offer detailed videos of their products, giving buyers peace of mind before they commit.

After the success of their first release, the demand for another watch was unavoidable. The founding engineers jumped straight to work on this new release, which is only available for purchase on their website.


Unbeatable Pricing

The brand is quickly becoming known for their high-quality products that are attainable for buyers on a budget. For a limited time, the Smart Fit Band costs only $84.99. Anyone looking around at smartwatches knows this is a fraction of the price of mainstream, big-brand options. Even when the initial release sale is up, the watch will only cost buyers $99.99 plus tax.

If you’re considering a new smartwatch, don’t neglect to check out this brand new release from T1 Tact Watch. Its design is sure to attract the attention of your friends and family. Plus, you get the peace of mind that comes with having access to your health at your fingertips.

You can find more information on their website, social media accounts, and YouTube page. They also provide an email address and phone number on the site for easy access to customers.

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