6 Reasons Why The T1 Tact Watch Is Better Than Most Smartwatches

6 Reasons Why The T1 Tact Watch Is Better Than Most Smartwatches

The perfect gift for any man.

t1 tact watch better than other

So, you’re thinking of buying a new tactical smartwatch but you don’t know what to get. You might have a particular reason you want that watch, which should be an undeniable specification of your purchase. Also, as anyone intelligent with their money should be, you have a budget for spending. It’s important to manage your money. With those two things in mind, you should have no problem making a swift decision.

In today’s age where brands run wild and a million people are selling different things across Facebook, it’s important you recognize business models today. “Cool” does not make quality nor does price.

It’s noticeable that a brand is what most people buy in this era. Brands like Apple, Samsung, Sony, and more are programmed into ours mind. Massive advertisements are as addicting as any pill. We see them, hear them, and even feel the vibrations of their names. However, the man who’s most intelligent, as he is financially abundant, balances ‘cool’ with ‘price’ for a smartwatch purchase.’

Therefore, the best watch to fit all of your needs should be the T1 Tact watch. Why is that? The following 6 reasons will close the case:

Quality and Durability of the ‘Midnight Diamond’ is becoming legendary

It’s okay that you want to show people you have money sometime but only poor people, think ‘expensive’ is the brands you show on your body. People with money are usually intelligent enough to recognize when they are being hustled by big brands. They do research and stay informed on whatever watches they look to spend on. Their wrist wear won’t be flashy or labeled with brand logos that are highly visible.

However, other people with money will know the type of smartwatch you have by design and craftsmanship. Either that or they will be impressed, you have something they do not know about, before them.

The T1 Tact Watch is trending now globally. The ‘trendiness’ of it is not a fad however, as some would think. We’ve just begun and it’s just our brand is over shadowing competition with a higher level of durability than ever seen before for under $500.

t1 tact watch durable

The indestructible watch crystal…

Smartwatches end up in the technology graveyard after a drop to the ground. Usually this is because of a cracked screen or the watch stops functioning properly. Our durability tests videos see here > reveal we go far beyond what most android and iOS smartwatch brands are willing to show.

Why can’t other smartwatches showcase durability tests getting hit with a hammer or set on fire like this? They are meant to fall apart and be replaced, keeping those company profits high.

Corporate banks want T1 Tact Watch brand to follow suit but we believe in old school American values. Make something that will last. Build something tough that people can keep for generations to come. The “Midnight Diamond” is that ever last smartwatch that can be a symbol for your memories and still look new as you pass it off as a gift. Of course, just replace the batteries learn how to here >.

T1 Tact Watch buyers join a club with the purchase.

This is not just a brand, it’s a budding club. Our customer service has a list of all our clientele and offer preferential treatment to all those on it. We cater to our buyer’s needs at any given moment. Discounts and special offers are given to our ‘home team’ clubhouse, which may include free giveaways irregularly.

Not only this, but each person wearing our watch, is displaying a status symbol. It’s not one of wealth and lavish lifestyle. Instead, the world is learning about tactical gear, and how it’s used. Our watch symbolizes you are living an activated lifestyle. You’re into something that either dangerous, fun, or healthy if you are using our watch and all its’ features.

At any point our brand reaches a heightened achievement to which we can have large gatherings of smartwatch owners, we will launch events. Possibly have app updates that allow friendly competition. The T1 Tact Watch team has many ideas that are still in the early stages for our club mates.

A Watch Style fit for Past, Present, or Future

The ‘Midnight Diamond’ is a black military tactical smartwatch, identified easily in plain view . The obvious does not need to be given detail. However easy, the simplicity is timeless. This digital wrist wear was inspired by vintage gym and sports watches of the 1980’s and 1990’s. It was tweaked to fit today’s technologies. Because of this it impresses all generations and is not bulky nor odd cut like many competitor’s watches. The style of the T1 Tact Watch is no fad, it’s forever.

The Black Ops vibe can be worn in any situation. It can be mixed with a chill sweatsuit, a casual denim top and khaki joggers, or a formal business suit. It’s discreet but purposeful. It’s a smart watch that’s sexy but adventurous.

Last, the digital display of the T1 Tact Watch looks mature. Many smartwatches are built to be fun with game-like displays to garner attention and create fun conversation. These types watches are not stylish but instead novelty tech items. When the fad of ‘fun’ wears out in time, a consumer usually distances themself from the dated style, a past desire.

Our watches are designed to be timeless.

t1 tact smartwatches

All Smartwatch Functions Are Forever Useful

The T1 Tact specs see watch features here > include over everything from basic time managers to basic health. These are all things a person can use for an infinity. There’s civilian and military hour display, seconds display, calendar, stopwatch, alarm, and more. Everyone has use for these simple functions.

For health, there’s at least 5 more functions. Use our smartwatch to train, diet, or improve sleep. All 3 of these features are subjects everyone faces at some point in life.

Anyone can appreciate the ‘Midnight Diamond.’ An 80-year-old can pass this to his 30-year-old grandson and the T1 Tact Watch will still retain its original value. The tactical wrist wear will still be as useful as it is stylish.

The Best Price Of Any Smartwatch Released

This is an opinionative matter. Since our launch, we’ve been consistently ranked among the elite of affordable tactical smartwatches. Quite a few blogs covering the niches T1 Tact Watch fit into have recognized us for having a retail price that’s less than one third of our competition. Their focus is selling consumers a brand, our focus is selling a memorable, long-lasting product.

When buying in groups, the prices are so favorable it frustrates some brands. As a small company we don’t have to charge people for premiums that larger brands do.

The Perfect Gift For A Man, Business, Active Woman, or Team

When choosing the perfect gift for men, it is never too complicated. As simple as A, B, C it seems until you visit a store to find the ‘new toy’ for your loved one or associate. There you will find many options and minimal insight on the actual product and how most men feel about it. There are no reviews in a physical store to help navigate through product. No tips on quality from people who own it. No coupon codes to save you a few bucks, unless you came prepared.

According to style blog, Real Men Real Style, there are 3 things to focus on when buying a man gifts. These 3 qualities of the perfect present are usefulness, quality, and of course making sure it’s a surprise. The T1 Tact “Midnight Diamond” is all 3 of these. Professional men’s style curators at various blogs certify the demand, ranking us a favorite of this year (2019).

Many Uses…

Quite useful, the tactical watch offered here, has a plethora of features for men to use. As stated earlier in this article, there are over 10+ daily use functions the average man will appreciate. Time, date, calendar, stopwatch, alarm, and the gym workout assistant are just a few. Not to mention it will notify the user of new phone calls, SMS text messages, and social media contacts.


Uniquely original, the T1-Tact is the only smartwatch of its type. While the functions are military-inspired, the design has mixed heritage. The “Midnight Diamond” was molded after classic 1980s & 1990’s sports watches. The microprocessors internally make it possible for the ‘T1TWMD’ to keep up with the smart devices of today. It’s a home run gift idea that will surprise the person receiving it many times over as they discovers its many uses.

High Quality…

Last of the 3 requisites for the perfect men’s gift is quality. A men’s military tactical watch is durable but our smartwatch goes beyond the average in this wrist wear niche. The T1 Tact has a mineral glass screen, DLC carbon coating exterior, stainless steel watch head, and nano-material wristbands. It’s fireproof, dust proof, and waterproof up to 5ATM (50 meters). A new battery can last nearly 3 years when the watch is left in sleep mode, as the “Midnight Diamond’ data processors are very energy efficient.

In conclusion, the T1 Tact Watch “MD” is trendy to men and a popular gift choice by moms, wives, and girlfriends. Owning a smartwatch by T1TW helps a man save time, money, and from making bad fashion choices. Most men love simple anyhow and with this Black super watch for a present, you can’t go wrong. It will be appreciated no matter if he loves gym to gun ranges, or just needs an outdoors smartwatch for fishing.

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