How Long Does a Tactical Smartwatch Battery Last?

How Long Does a Tactical Smartwatch Battery Last?

How Long Does a Tactical Smartwatch Battery Last


The excitement of purchasing a new tactical smartwatch will soon wear off if it is plugged into the charger more than it's on your wrist. Therefore, before you commit to buying, you should understand your new tactical smartwatch battery life and how to maximize it.

This article aims to inform you about the battery life of tactical smartwatches, how to get the most out of your battery, and look at the best tactical smartwatch in terms of battery life.

Tactical Smartwatch Battery Life

Tactical Smartwatch Battery Life

A smartwatch's battery life will be one of the primary considerations in your purchasing decision. Of course, it is challenging to predict exactly how long a battery will last, as this will depend on usage.

You should treat your smartwatch the same way you treat your phone regarding power usage. Indeed, think of your smartwatch as a mini smartphone you wear on your wrist. 


Indeed, both devices have much in common regarding apps, GPS monitoring, notifications, and other functionality. These features are the ones that use the most power. Therefore, limiting the amount of time you use them will increase your tactical smartwatch battery life. 

Of course, you want an indication of how long your smartwatch battery will last before you buy. Realistically, you will get between 1-2 days from a full battery, even with the leading smartwatch brands.

Of course, when you've just bought your new smartwatch, you'll likely want to maximize its use. For instance, you might have notifications and updates on push, meaning your battery is getting drained quicker.

Many people recommend carrying a portable charger to extend battery life. Really! What's the point of having a small brick-sized object in your pocket just to extend the life of your sleek new smartwatch? Instead, let's look at more efficient ways to boost your tactical smartwatch's battery life.

How to Improve Your Tactical Smartwatch Battery Life?

How to improve your Tactical Smartwatch battery life

You'll not be too impressed if your tactical smartwatch's battery runs out in the middle of the day or when you need it most. Here are eight tips to help guarantee you have the sufficient battery life to see you through the day or until you get back to your charger.

Turn Off or Block Notifications 

Receiving notifications accounts for a significant proportion of power consumption. Every time your tactical smartwatch gets a notification, the screen has to wake up. Therefore, turning off notifications altogether will remove the drain on the battery, giving you a few extra hours of use each day.

You may have some apps that you need to receive notifications from. In this case, you can block notifications from those apps you don't use often or aren't so crucial.


Disable the Always-on Display

There isn't much point in displaying the screen if you aren't using it. Having the screen on is the most significant drain on your smartwatch's battery, so activating the Always-on display will quickly deplete your watch's power source. Therefore, disable this function to extend your tactical smartwatch's battery life.


Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

If you have apps on your smartwatch that you don't use or only use occasionally, consider uninstalling them. Remember, you will have to uninstall such apps from the smartphone your watch is paired with first. 


Limit Your Smartwatch's Connectivity

Having continuous connectivity is excellent, but it will drain your tactical smartwatch's battery more quickly. Instead of constantly activating the WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC functions, consider only starting them when needed. 


Reduce the Brightness Level

The brighter you have your smartwatch's display, the more power it will use. If you are used to having the brightness turned up full, try reducing it gradually, so you get comfortable with the new level. 

As long as you can view the screen adequately, there is little point in having the brightness turned up to the maximum. However, there is a considerable advantage in turning it down - you could extend the battery life by a couple of hours a day. 


Turn Off the Tilt-to-Wake Feature

The tilt-to-wake feature is an excellent feature when you want to view your smartwatch, as you would do with a traditional timepiece. However, it means that your watch will be activated when you don't need it. Consider turning this feature off to extend the watch's battery life. 


Activate Airplane Mode

Airplane mode switches off your smartwatch's connectivity. If you don't need to be connected, there is not much point in your watch searching for a connection. Activating airplane mode can extend the battery life by a couple of hours. 


Put Your Smartwatch Into Hibernation

Of course, placing your phone into hibernation mode means it will not have much functionality. However, it can extend the battery life considerably.  


Best Tactical Smartwatch With Long Battery Life

Best Tactical Smartwatch With Long Battery Life

Your smartwatch running out of battery life when you are shopping, in the office, or doing some domestic activity might be slightly frustrating. However, battery life is crucial if you are on active service, on some adventurous activity, or in a remote location. 

One of the best tactical smartwatches with long battery life is the T1 Tact Midnight Diamond. This smartwatch is fitted with a Maxwell CR2450 V3 battery that will last more than a year (up to 24 months) if left on. The T1 Tact Tact Midnight Diamond is the best tactical smartwatch for battery life, so you will have no issues with this timepiece. 


Your tactical smartwatch is an excellent device, providing you with some crucial features and functionality when you really need them. However, you can't get the most out of your watch if the battery drains quickly and continuously needs charging.  



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