T1 Tact Watch wristband with branded solid steel clasp

How to change smartwatch band of "Midnight Diamond" by T1 Tact Watch

The owners of smartwatches who are active and busy may find themselves eventually needing to replace a part or two. Knowing how to change the watch band of the ‘Midnight Diamond’ by the T1 Tact Watch company will save its users a lot of time. To change the watch band you will need just a few basic tools easily found around the home:
  • Soft cloth
  • A Spring bar tool or small flat head screwdriver
  • New bands for replacement
Remember to always work on a flat surface when doing this kind of task. Small parts are involved and they could easily roll off a surface that isn’t stable. Before replacing the watch band, measure the replacing band to ensure that it is the right size. Even the most advanced smartwatch will be uncomfortable to wear if the straps are too long or too small.

How To Change Smartwatch Band Easily

There are many reasons why a watch band will break and it’s not necessarily because of poor manufacture. Prolonged exposure to the elements, age and accidents can all lead to even the best bands breaking and needing replacement. While the ‘Midnight Diamond’ has a band that is made of the highest-quality materials, it can get snagged or damaged during extreme exercises. If that’s the case, users need to know how to change watch bands and how to do it quickly and with as little hassle as possible. In most cases, watch bands replacement is relatively easy but it can be a rather awkward and sometimes tricky task. We’ll give T1 Tact Watch users a simplistic look at how to change watch bands.

Step One

Make sure to switch off the ‘Midnight Diamond’ to prevent accidentally changing or activating features and functions.

Step Two

Use a soft cloth to place the watch face down on a flat surface. Protecting the screen from scratches is easier when the watch is placed on a cloth that is set out on the planned working area.

Do not hold the watch with one hand and attempt to work with the other. Pressing hard on the screen for long periods could cause damage that may not be repairable.

Step Three

Locate the watch’s spring bar (usually silver and easy to spot once you know what to look for). You will find the spring bar where the watch band is connected to the watch itself. It is a small metal bar that can be depressed at its end, like a spring.

Step Four

Detach the spring bar with the spring bar tool or flat head screwdriver. Users short on tools can even use a small utility knife. However, extreme caution is advised if this is the case.

To detach the spring bar, insert the pronged fork end of the spring bar tool (or the flat edge of the alternative tool) between the band and the watch’s shoulders.

Press the bar from one end and gently apply pressure to push the band away from the watch. It should release quite easily.

Be careful to not scratch the watch with any sharp tools while detaching the band. Care should especially be taken when using a knife or screwdriver.

Step Five

Removing the spring bars once the band has been separated from the watch is easy. The spring bar should slide out of the band easily. If it doesn’t, simply tip the band to the side and let it fall out. Be sure to catch the spring bar in your hands to prevent it from falling on the floor.

Remove the spring bars from both bands.

Step Six

Once everything has been successfully removed from the watch, it is time to pull closer the replacements.

Insert the spring bars through the new bands if they did not come with their own. If they did, be sure to put these away safely. They may come in handy one day.

Step Seven

To attach the new bands to the watch, the same steps as above will be followed, but in reverse.

First, make sure that the right bands are chosen during the replacement so it won’t be attached on the wrong side of the watch.

Work the spring bars into their places on the band so the bands can be easily replaced.

Gently insert the bottom end of one spring bar into the indent of the watch’s shoulder. When it is secured, work the other end into its place by being careful and applying gentle pressure.

The aim is to let it fit into place without any force. A soft clicking sound should be heard when the spring bar has been fixed in place.

Repeat this step with the other band of the smartwatch. Double-check to make sure that they are securely in position and that the replaced bands won’t fall off.

Admitting Defeat

If a ‘Midnight Diamond’ user has found themselves struggling to remove the bands, it’s not something to be embarrassed about.

This DIY guide on how to change smart watch bands should be able to help everyone, but there are exceptions, of course.

There are many reasons why this kind of task can seem impossible - such as arthritis, bad eyesight and similar health problems.

If this is the case, visiting a watch store or jeweler is a good idea. A quick stop at such a shop will have the bands replaced very quickly. Usually, such a task will be done for just a few dollars or even for free.

Good News

T1 Tact Watch will be releasing alternate watch bands before the end of this year (2020). News will be announced via T1TactWatch.com and social media profiles immediately after made available online.

This is great news for users of the ‘Midnight Diamond’ because they’ll be able to customize their own watches a little bit more. While the watch is already attractive, everyone appreciates the chance to change things up every now and then.

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