Mens: Military Waterproof Watch, Super Durable

Mens: Military Waterproof Watch, Super Durable

An army-inspired smartwatch that can resist water up to 160 ft

If looking for a tactical smartwatch, it’s likely it needs to have a rugged edge. Consumers searching specifically for this category of wrist wear is usually on the hunt for something very durable and ready for any terrain. These are all reasons why the ‘Midnight Diamonds’ mens military waterproof watch is popular to the industry today.

Not only dust proof and fireproof, the T1 Tact Watch brand’s premier release is also Waterproof. It can handle short term submersion in water for down to 160 feet (for shorts time periods). It is classified 5ATM water resistant. It’s still not a diving watch however, which would be more expensive, but it will last through most water sports.

t1 tact watch waterproof

What does waterproof 5atm mean?

The classification of 5aTm water resistant means a watch can survive a plunge into water down to 160 feet or 80 PSI ( pressure per square inch ). However, it’s still not a ‘dive’ watch because it cannot stay submerged in the water for more than 10 minutes. After the ten minute mark you are risking damage to the watch.

50aTm may also be written as 50 meters or 50m. As most countries base their depth measurements by meter, it’s different for our American brand. The United States standard for depth measurement is feet. The Midnight Diamond should not be submerged below 160 feet .

Can you enjoy watersports with a T1 Tact?

Yes, you can. Sports like paddle boarding, fishing, jet skis, wave runners, boating, skimboarding, and even surfing can be done with your ‘Midnight Diamond.’ Just try not to use the watch when you plan to be enjoying yourself in deep waters, deep diving or swimming, with your arms submerged for long times without coming back above water.

Anything else, you should be a-ok.

t1 tact watch underwater
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