Regular Smartwatch vs Military Smartwatch

Military Smartwatch vs Regular Smartwatch

Differences of price, durability, & repair.

The T1 Tact Watch “Midnight Diamond” model is a military smartwatch. It’s not the everyday apple watch copy that you will find almost everywhere that sells electronics. There is a difference. When looking to purchase a military smartwatch vs the regular, there are a few key reasons typically.

Difference of Quality

First, when purchasing a military smartwatch, users are shopping for durability and functionalities that makes your day most efficiently used. A few typical requirements are:
  • Large numbers on a digital OLED display
  • Alarm
  • Stopwatch
  • Time in 24-hour format
The tact watch MD has all of these basics covered. The durability is next level. If not aware already, the watch glass is tough enough to take a low caliber gunshot. The smartwatch’s dial is solid German steel covered in a highly damage resistant non-porous carbon material called “DLC” or Diamond-Like Carbon Composite material. In layman’s terms, it’s a super tough digital masterpiece that can handle military, army, sports, and athletic training in the most rough conditions and survive. A regular smartwatch cannot handle this. A regular digital watch usually has a sensitive glass screen that’s good for finger touching. These are thinner screens that allow the warmth of your finger to be felt by an even more sensitive plate underneath. It’s not meant for sports,adventure, nor rough play. If you drop it, you might as well be prepared with the money to buy another smartwatch shortly after or to cover the costly repair fees.

Difference of Functions & Features

A military smartwatch is about simple features. Functions generally revolve around time and exercise. The T1 Tact Watch MD is exactly this. It has time, date, stopwatch, and alarm. It also has apps to analyze and improve exercise routines. Another app monitors sleeping habits to figure out if you’re getting a healthy amount of rest. It also identifies your best sleep times and movements made in your sleep.

There are additional features of our tactical smartwatch beyond the aforementioned. These are more geared towards the new generation and future. The T-watch shows an massage alert icon as notification for new calls, SMS text messages, and social media messages. The watch syncs via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet device to keep you updated on this information.

Alternatively, a regular smartwatch would too give you these social media updates. These watches are generally made to be more entertaining than useful. There are sometimes very simple games (ex: Tic Tac Toe) , video cameras, and various other apps one can use to distract the mind from reality for short while.

However cool sounding, photo and video cameras have become a dreaded feature by many. It seem like a great idea to a person without the technology but not to a person that thinks about it. Who really wants to hold their fist & arm up to get their watch to their face for a 20 minute video session? Who even takes a photo this way? It becomes tiresome and useless fast. Also, no smartwatch has a high quality camera to take quality photographs.

The best feature of smartwatches today is the ability to use them as a phone. This is the biggest benefit of owning such a high priced item, as it doubles for your communication device.

Other features of the regular smartwatch typically include time, alarm, and date. Sometimes there are schedule apps that allow you to do planning, but these smartwatches are usually a lot more expensive.

t1 tact smartwatch works with social media via bluetooth


Difference of Prices

The T1 Tact Watch company offers the Midnight Diamond for $94.99 . If living outside of the United States, add a flat rate of $23 for shipping and handling. This military smartwatch will last for a very long time and most likely only need a battery replacement every few years.

The worst expense of these tactical smartwatches’ is the possibility of the lithium ion batteries exhausting quicker than expected. This can happen if exposed to strong X-ray machines, as those used at airports and customs clearance points.

Costs for a T1TW military smartwatch over 2 Years:

$94.99 + $4 battery + $10 install fee | total – $108.99

A regular smartwatch is costly. The average recognizable brand name model costs $449.99 today. If you are buying one of the more famous, current smartwatches, prices differ heavily. Releases such as the Samsung Galaxy or Apple Watch Series 4+ range between $299 and $700.

The batteries of regular smartwatches like this today are rechargeable. Each lithium ion battery can last 3 years before burning out completely. These too can suffer the same fate as the military smartwatch, listed above, if scanned by heavy duty X-ray machines. Replacement for these batteries is not much higher.

When a regular watch falls off desk or gets bumped against brick wall, you will see your greatest expense become a reality. The OLED screen of regulars is very sensitive and will crack fairly easy many times. The replacement for this watch crystal or OLED is tremendous. The Apple Watch Series 4 replacement costs ~$199.99 . Based on statistics, this would happen at least once to the average person in 2 years. Likely twice to anyone who’s had it happen to a smartphone before.

Costs for an Apple Series 4 smartwatch over 2 Years:

$699.99 + $10 battery + $30 install fee + $199.99 screen replacement (once) | total – $939.98

The price difference is between these two watches is tremendous.

In conclusion, the T1 Tact Watch should be a basic military smartwatch a man has for style, dependability, and durability. It’s comparable to your black hard bottom shoes and sneakers, a must have a minimum.

When one wants to be flashy and risk a little money, sure, grab a regular smartwatch. Play with the miniature entertainment module and enjoy it. However, do not expect it to make it for a long duration unless replacing your smartphone with a wrist watch. It’s not going to be tough and durable as a military tactical watch. Some compare the regular smartwatches to more of a novelty item than a quality wrist wear piece. Because of the lack of durability and corporate intent, it’s never going to be an heirloom that can be passed along for generations.

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