Military Watches of Today and Their Uses

Military Watches of Today and Their Uses

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Military personnel, Law enforcement, EMT’s, first responders, and so many other professionals rely on watches daily to do their job. These watches are not a luxury accessory, though, and they do way more than just tell the time. They are a true companion and provide critical, accurate information in even the toughest of conditions.

And just like the person who is wearing the watch, they are ready to take on any situation. From the driest deserts to the coldest mountains, military watches should be able to withstand just about anything.

However, there are so many watches advertised as both ‘tactical’ and ‘military inspired’. And with the growing popularity of smart watches, it can be difficult to prioritize which crucial attributes a tactical watch should have. With prices ranging from $50 to over $1,000, distinguishing between necessary and unnecessary features can be tricky. For those in the market for their next military watches, here’s some key priorities and recommendations to consider.

Quality a Top Priority

The very top priority for all tactical and military watches is quality. Here are some standard quality features that all tactical watches should have.


The first quality is durability. If the watch cannot withstand drops, it’s not worth the cost. A tactical watch is not meant to go to the office. It is meant to be taken out into the world and into the roughest environments.

Battery Life

Another crucial quality factor is battery life. The last thing a first responder needs when accessing a remote area is for their watch to die. The information displayed on military watches can be lifesaving. They should be able to last a few weeks without needing to be recharged.

Water Resistance

The last crucial quality feature is water resistance. Those out on the job cannot control the weather, and they often have to perform missions requiring wading in water. A good tactical or military watch must be waterproof and water resistant. This ensures that the person wearing the watch is ready for the next downpour or even an accidental dip in a river.

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Top Military Watches of This Year

There are hundreds of tactical and military watches available on the market. Here’s three of the top picks for this year.

G-shock: GW-9400-1 Rangeman Solar Digital Survivor Watch

One common watch brand commonly used by Special Forces is Casio’s G-Shock. They have a wide range of options with several different combinations of features.

One option worth highlighting is the GW-9400 Rangeman. It is one of the brand’s most popular options for professional use. This watch is very durable, offering extreme shock protection from drops. It is certified mud and dust resistant, which is useful for those working on construction sites or in rugged environments.

Although it is not advanced like a smart watch, it still comes with features such as atmospheric pressure readings, sunrise/sunset data, stopwatch, and timer. Some reviewers have complained about its bulky design. However, that’s what makes it such a durable and beloved watch for outdoorsman, survivalists, and first respondents. The retail price of this watch is $300.

Garmin: Fenix 6

Another top military watch of this year is Garm’s Fenix 6 (review here). Although its retail price is on the high end at $899.99, it is a great option for tactical professionals who like tech.

As opposed to G-shock’s digital option, this latest watch by Garmin is a smart watch. That means it has apps and can connect with the user’s smart phone. Other features that the watch has include: built-in heart rate sensors, GPS systems, an altimeter, barometer, and compass. Because it is a smart watch, it can also receive push notifications from the user’s smart phone.

garmin fenix vs t1 tact watch midnight diamond

Despite all of its tech features, the watch is actually quite durable. Depending on the style, the watches are either stainless steel, titanium, or DLC. One downside is the watch’s battery life which only lasts 14 days between charges. However, this is better than the standard smart watch battery life which is usually only one day.

Although it is not the highest priced smart watch on the market, it is extremely high for a military or tactical watch.

T1 Tact Watch: ‘Midnight Diamond’

Another option among popular military watches is T1 Tact Watch’s latest release, the ‘Midnight Diamond’.

As a smart watch, it has useful features for tactical professionals including a calorie counter, step counter, distance tracker, and sleep monitor. It can also display push notifications from the user’s smart phone.

Additionally, it also has military grade durability. According to the T1 Tact Watch website, the body is made of stainless steel and it is corrosion resistant. It also has DLC coating, similar to Garmin’s options. This watch is the best of both worlds, offering advanced smart phone functionalities with military grade durability. Its price is also affordable as well. It will only cost $79.99 to purchase, which is much more affordable than Garmin’s option.

The Price Right For You

All smartwatches are generally made in China today. There’s a technology district in Shenzen that specifically focuses on the develop of smart devices. The factories of the region product product for Fossil, Apple, Samsung, Huaweii, garmin, and many others. Brand fans, may not want to hop ship, which is understandable. However, at this point it’s become clear why fans of T1 Tact Watch are being won over. Quality and price have been merged into a style that fits every occasion.

With that said however, life is simple. Choose the best of military watches today that you like, for what you like and need. Check product details and get the smartwatch features you need for a price that fits your budget.

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