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Smartwatch Battery Life

t1 tact watch battery

Authentic T1 Tact Watches Last Up to 33 Months when in sleep mode

Any wrist gear that’s labeled as a ‘military smartwatch’ or ‘tactical watch’ needs to have a powerful battery. There is no time nor location to fix electronics when on duty. Army, police, security, navy, special armed forces, marines, and even outdoor adventurists need batteries that will last for long periods without question.

In 2019, a sign of a replica or counterfeit smartwatch is battery lifespan. Many fakes of today will not last more than a month. This is one of the main reasons many watch enthusiasts stay away from eBay and Amazon today. The wrist wear you’re considering may seem like good deal until you have to replace the battery every 2 months at a cost of $25 per battery. At the end of the year, you can add an additional 6 months or $150 of expenses to final price you pay for low quality, junk merchandise.

An authentic T1 Tact Watch will not have these issues. Quality control is strict with T1TW product. Customer service is friendly and useful. Our brand reputation is not to be mixed with impostors.

smartwatch battery life

What type of battery does the T1 Tact Smartwatch have?

The “Midnight Diamond” tactical watch comes with the air-transportable Maxell CR2450 V3 Lithium Coin Cell Battery. The price of these batteries is inexpensive and can range from $1 to $5 each online. A 10 pack of batteries should cost no more than $10.

This battery can be replaced by CR2450 batteries by other brands as well. Duracell, Sony, and Energizer offer 620mAh 3V lithium battery coin cells that are high quality and will work. Some of these however cannot be transported via air, hence our inability to sell them to online customers. Their batteries may cost 2x-3x the price of the Maxell but should be more powerful.


What is the battery life span?

The Maxell CR2450 V3 battery was tested for longevity. In sleep mode, it lasts 33 months with the T1 Tact Smartwatch. When left on, the battery has a life expectancy of 24 months.

The apps used with your smartwatch will determine how accurate our battery life quote are. Using the stopwatch, alarm, message notifications, and other features (see all features here) will of course end in a shorter life span.

How to replace your battery?

To replace the batteries, it’s simple. Screw off the back of your tactical military watch. Take out the old battery and then add in the new. It’s literally as simple as said here in the 3 steps.

If you go to a watch store they will likely charge you $10-$15 to do this task. Not such a bad fee, considering it once every 24-33 months by the average user. This averages out to an expense of $7.50(USD) for maintenance per year.

Again, another reason to own a T1 Tact Watch ‘Midnight Diamond.’

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