T1 Tact SmartWatch Step Counter App

T1 Tact SmartWatch Step Counter App

Know how many steps taken during run

A big draw for any tactical or fitness watch in 2019 is the step counter. This is an app for runners, walkers, hikers, and treadmill fans to chart their journeys. How it works is a mystery to some but T1TW is here to give a break down of how steps get counted.

The step counter feature is part of pedometer download which comes free with each “Midnight Diamond” T1 Tact Watch purchase. Simply scan the QR code in the instructions manual, boxed with your new wrist wear, then open the app. Link your watch to that smartphone device via Bluetooth, and follow setup details given.

Walk Properly

How can an app track your steps?

The layman’s explanation of how your smartwatch can track steps is simply ‘microchip’ technology. According to ExplainThatStuff.com each watch has a swinging pendulum-hammer technology that senses your body’s balance shifting. Whenever you step, your arm leans to the side of the foot being stepped on. Your ‘Midnight Diamond’ will sense this lean when at a low point and when at a high point. When higher, you’re stepping on the foot of the opposite side of the arm you wear your watch. Then it’s vice versa, a low dip, when you’re stepping on the side of the T1 Tact.

With each motion, a step is counted. Accuracy will vary with the completion of your steps . Learning how to correctly walk for a workout will help immensley with this process. Walking with poor posture or form lowers exertion of energy and muscle building. You also lose calorie burning potentials when stepping wrong. All of this can be corrected however with a simple read of ‘How to step correctly‘ or watch the video below.

What to do if total steps counted is far off?

If the counter seems off, simply reset your watch. Second, try to use the diagram (photo) above to adjust your posture while walking. Make sure you are leaning forward with your vision being aligned with things eye level to you (not downward). Third, move the hand of the foot which you step on towards the ground.

These 3 steps should get as accurate of results as possible. If a few steps are miscounted, you will be okay. This will still give quite the accurate results you’re looking for. Simply be sure to adjust and grow your walking, running, hiking, or treadmill goals to a higher count each week. Our suggestion, try to do 250 more steps (125 steps going/coming) with each session.

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