T1 Tact SmartWatches on Ebay & Amazon, Mostly Fake in 2019

T1 Tact SmartWatches on Ebay & Amazon, Mostly Fake in 2019

98% of eBay and Amazon listings are fake. All other websites are counterfeiting our brand and merchandise.

In 2019, the world loves shopping at eBay and Amazon. As harmless as the idea is, these two companies have merged global markets with countries that do not have American standards for quality. The requirements in these countries, one being China, is simply “make it and sell it, the customer can’t harm us.” In America, such practices cannot happen because of consumer protection laws.

What is difference of an authentic watch and fake watches on eBay & Amazon?

Authentic T1 Tact watches have such features as the super-tough, ‘Asian gorill glass’ scratch/damage resistant watch crystal face. Fake watches usually have glass that will shatter or break with relative ease.

The battery & microchip processors of many ‘variant’ or fake watches is low quality. Instead of lasting 33 months, as an original watch from our store, duped buyer’s smartwatch fails before 6 months of enjoyment. Even after replacing the batter, because of bad microchip hardware, your watch still will not / does not work. People who get scammd and purchase fake watches reports this issue to us via our official Facebook (@T1TactWatch) multiple times weekly.

The push buttons that you need to operate all wach features do not work on counterfeit watches frequently. Either they stop functioning after a week or two of use or do not work at arrival.

Do we allow selling of T1 Tact Watches on eBay?

We support international youth entrepreneurship group that sells a few of our watches with charitable efforts. However, the price does not sway much. If you see a seller on eBay with over 10 watches for sale and beneath $69.99 price, be sure to search for our logo in the auction. If our logo is not seen, it’s a fake.

How to recognize fake Smartwatches on eBay and Amazon.

The fake smartwatches of Ebay have photos of different watch brands mixed into one auction many times. This is a key signal you will not be getting a respectable product, nor do you know which item you will be receiving via mail. Notice how some have one brand on the face of the watch and another, on the case’s backing. If you see this, it’s obvious the seller has zero care about what they are selling you.

This checklist will help you avoid a fake T1 Tact Watch:

  • Do they have more than 1 watch for sale? If Yes, it’s likely a counterfeit smartwatch dealer. Ebay is innundated with these along with Amazon. T1 Tact Watch brand does not allow retail stores to sell online . We only sell through T1TactWatch.com, our official store.
  • Do they have our logo posted? If not it’s a fake. Ebay is forced to shut down any auction that illegally uses trademarked images.
  • Is the seller US based? If not, it’s a fake surely. T1 Tact Watch is an American brand. We ship all of our tactical watches from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia (United States only).
  • Are you purchasing from T1TactWatch.com ? If not, you stand a 90% chance of buying a fake. We do not sell nor allow the selling of T1 Tact Watch brand products on any other website. We have pages, auctions, and content removed weekly for trademark infringement.

Shop the right way, avoid hassle. Avoid waste.

T1 Tact Watch brand has served 1000s of shoppers browsing our website and social media. Our reputation stands the test of time because we have a strict quality control process. And also, as user reviews on-line continue to build online, it solidies our sales page promises.

Shoppers of our official store get peace of mind, as every watch shipped is in perfect working condition. Irresponsible sources, we do not authorize to sell our products, do not pratice control on trademark rights. Just as bad, they also allow shipping of product from third world organizations that have no regulations on quality of goods nor brand rights.

Results of the lack of quality control usually are the receiving of low quality, sometimes non-working smartwatches. You can take a risk of saving a dollar but in the end, you usually end up paying out more.

Our official brand is one of the most fairly priced Tact watches on the market. The ‘Midnight Diamond’ tactical watch is already ranked top 3 most affordable smartwatches. T1T1W is an American brand that believes in hard-working values. We avoid charging premiums to allow all people, worldwide a chance to own our smart watches.

Shop with us because you get the confidence of knowing you are getting authnetic, high quality merchandise. A product regulated by US & T1 Tact Watch quality control laws.

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