T1 Tact Watch Midnight Diamond Specs

T1 Tact Watch Specs

T1 Tact Watch measurements
T1 Tact Watch Midnight Diamond physical specs

What features does this smartwatch have?

The T1 Tact watch specs include many specifications of vintage tactical watches. The simple alarm and stopwatch are original features of the watch, which were inspired by basic sports needs. Also, you can easily view the date and day as soon as the watch starts up. When looking to view information in the night time, no problem as there’s a back light for illuminating the watch face when dark.

People who wear our smartwatches enjoy tactical events and need more. Not only that, we know our consumers are motivated people. The “Midnight Diamond” is a perfect accessory for active men with an adventurous lifestyle. This requires a durable, premium quality watch. The T1 has features for the gym junkies, tactical shooting, basketball, football, bicycling, running, and more.

Need to keep up with calories burning? There’s a calorie counter function.

Are you running to train for an upcoming 5k event and need to record your distance? This tact watch has applications that lets users know their distance ran and a pedometer, which counts steps taken during your run.

Want more details on functions and how to use them?

  • Step Counter – read here
  • Calorie Counter – read here
  • Distance Tracker – read here
  • Workout Data Analysis – read here
  • Sleep Monitor – read here
t1 tact specs
logo etched in steel on rear casing; front dial of authentic T1 Tact Watch; view of day, date, and next text msg notification

Are you practicing shooting a gun or taser but need to be notified of important calls or text messages from social media?

The T1 has this covered as well, as there’s a Bluetooth application that receives smartphone updates. You will be notified of new calls, Facebook messages, Instagram DMs, WeChat texts, and other social media updates via this smartwatch.

Does it have a camera? Remote Control for camera specs?

If you have a relationship with a loved one or family that needs good pictures, this is the watch you need. One very unique add-on is a remote control for phone and tablet cameras. Use your watch to set off a the device’s timer via Bluetooth syncing. After this, simply pose for a photo or wait to start your video.

Does the the T1 Tact really have Military grade durability?

The T1 Tact Watch is more durable than watches which cost in the thousands price range. The body framework is stainless steel and corrosion resistant. A second layer of DLC material, Diamond-Like Carbon coating, is molded around the steel framework. The diamond-like carbon coating is a graded as having some of the same features as diamonds, one of the hardest objects on earth.

The crystal of the T1 is an elite level as well. This tactical smartwatch boasts a super rugged, gorilla glass face, which is capable of deflecting gunshots from a .22 caliber handgun without shattering. This watch will not break even if dropped, stepped on, and kicked by an Manchester football (soccer) player.

What kind of Wristband?

The wristband is a flexible silicone material, which rivals the quality of the DLC coating on the watch face. It’s water resistant and can handle twists and bending, without problem.

Length wise, the the watch band is approximately 11 inches in circumference. It can be adjusted to fit a wrist half this size with belt loops to keep the extra length pressed down.

How do you buy the watch now?

Simply go to our checkout page. For $69.99, you can purchase the T1 Tact Watch today: click here

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What smart phones & devices is the T1 Tact Watch designed to (Bluetooth) sync with?

The T1 Tact Watch is designed for Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Sony, and all other models of smart devices that have Android4.3+ or IOS7.0+ operating systems. It will sync via Bluetooth details here > to download various applications that include the aforementioned: step counter, distance counter, sleep monitor, Call/SMS/SNS Reminder, low power alert, GPS/compass (works on limited devices), and more.

All events can be stored. Watch supports aim and data storage for keeping up with your health activities long term.

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