T1 Tact Watch Midnight Diamond Instructions Manual ( discontinued April 2020)

Tact Watch Manual

Midnight Diamond Smartwatch Instructions Manual

Midnight Diamond Smartwatch Instructions Manual Once purchased and delivered, the T1TW’s premier smartwatch box includes an operations instructions manual in it. Initially this booklet was not shared online. After numerous requests for the details online however, we decided to create digital aids on our company blog, T1TactSmartwatch.com .

Inside of the T1 Tact Watch manual instructions, find everything needed to use the features of our smartwatch. Watch functions for each dial button are explained step by step. Also, a scan-ready QR code makes downloading our apps for your digital tactical watch super simple. Through all of the instructions, there are visuals to accompany text explanation.

Order a new instructions manual via mail…

Did you purchase watch used? Perhaps you simply just lost your original box & pamphlet? If so and interested in a new copy, another can be mailed. However, there is a fee of $5 to ship this to you. Contact our customer service for help ( view contacts here ). Write in the subject field of your email, “Order New Instructions Manual.”

In conclusion, if you wish to see these same instructions free, read above. There is a link to our company blog website with instructions on how to use your new tactical watch online. Therefore, customers do not have to wait for a manual booklet to be delivered. Simply get the instruction help you need online.

update 04/01/2020:

As this smartwatch was upgraded with software, certain features changed this year. Also, to combat counterfeiting, the manual has our logo clearly displayed on several page. The T1 Tact Watch Midnight Diamond manual is no longer as displayed here, please see the news on our updated manual: click here.

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