A Tactical Smart Watch Screen That Can't Be Cracked With Hammer or Ax | Video

A Tactical Smart Watch Screen That Can't Be Cracked With Hammer or Ax | Video

Living the nickname, the T1 Tact Watch looks indestructible in durability tests

Most mens smartwatches are too fragile. As a brand, T1 Tact Watches are built off different principals. Our company believes wrist wear must be rugged, vintage, and stylish. We fail if our products are not meeting these standards.

As time has passed, this is why fans labled our Midnight Diamond, indestructible. Our premier smartwatch passes basic durability drop tests easily. We go beyond those tests to ensure our products are super durable. Our testing standards are above industry standards because we want top tier product.

In a 2019 durability test, which was recorded on video, our brand stepped up testing. T1TW’s quality control team went far beyond an easy 10 foot test drop test. Why? Our manufacturing team engineered a special smartwatch glass and dial that can handle major impact. To be sure it works on our tactical watch, our QCT did live testing and recorded the tests.

The watch face crystal is made of China’s next level ‘gorilla glass like’ material. Called instead, ‘tactical mineral glass or TMG,’ this crystal matches the durability of the DLC coating surrounding the steel body & dial. The combination of materials make this mens smartwatch a ‘beast‘ of the industry.

What was done in this video?

Simple drop tests from 5 or 6 feet in the air, as most brands do, is too easy a test for any Tactical gear. The T-Watch team decided to instead evaluate our smartwatch screen with a more hardcore challenge. Five randomly selected ‘Midnight Diamonds’ were taken to a video studio for testing. The event was recorded (above). At this facility the smartwatces were repeatedly hit on the watch’s TMG with a stainless steel hammer over 5 times.

After being beat with a hammer, sides were switched on the tactical camping gear. A piece of solid steel outdoors equipment, it’s alternate head-side was an ax. Made of a fine grade of super-sharpened steel, again the goal was to fracture or break the screen. After 8+ swings taken, still nothing happened. The screen of this watch is 10 of 10 with durability.

t1 tact watch screen tests

The results? Did we pass?

The ‘Midnight Diamond’ aced all watch glass durability tests. As seen in the video above, the screen was not cracked, broken, nor fractured. The tactical axe equipment used would rip most screen. The only damage done to the T1 Tact Watch’s mineral glass was scratching. Everything still functioned fine. As shown after the ‘beating‘, the MD smart watch still activate & use pedometer, stopwatch, alarm, time, and bluetooth.

Unless purchased for medieval times where Knights & Barbarians swung swords daily, this watch covers all typical wear & tear of tactical jobs. The only way a “Midnight Diamond’ gets scratched is if hit by military-grade, steel camping ax a few times. Then you block the hits with your watch. Otherwise, you should not have to worry about any damage. If you do have this happen, find a Hollywood action movie casting agent fast and promote our watch.


These Hammer & Ax durability tests reveal another quality as well. This tactical watch remains ‘new’ in look for a possible lifetime. Activities from adventure, military, police, security, or other similar jobs cannot harm this smartwatch. Instead, this T1TW release has bonus benefits. It could become a tool for various uses. If an officer or adventurer is in need of a really hard surface to crack a windshield, use the MD. If needing to rack a nut on survival run, use the solid steel side of the MD.

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