T1 Tact Smartwatch’s Tactical Watch Band

T1 Tact Smartwatch’s Tactical Watch Band

anti-sweat rubberized Silicone strap

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The T1 Tact Watch was made to be durable. It’s created from the inspiration of needs of military, army, navy, marine, security services, and extreme outdoor sports careers. Therefore, it is no surprise even the watch band is tactical gear equipped.

The strap of the T1 Tact is made of a high end rubberized nano silicone material that is good in all terrains. It will not crack from exposure to water. Sun or extreme heat will not dry it out. It is flexible and will not tear from twists. In layman’s terms, the watch band will survive all tactical or military experiences with ease.

What type of smartwatch strap is used on an original ‘Midnight Diamond’?

Our premier T1 Tact Watch model uses a blended composition to form an ultra durable, yet very comfortable wrist band. It is an anti-sweat nano TPE material. As a feather, it’s flexible and lightweight. Just as athletic mesh clothing material, it allows sweat to evaporate and move off your wrist.

This colors of the material are inset and will not fade. Even in our fireproof tests, the band did not change color. Because of the Nano material, which is highly durable, the watch band also did not burn in the tests. see video here >

t1 tact smartwatch straps

What are measurements of the watch band?

Though this is a mens smartwatch, it’s sleek design is also suitable for the active lifestyle woman. Anyone with a wrist circumference of 5.5 inches or higher should have no problem wearing this band.

When assembled on the watch, the full length from end to end of the wrist bands is 10.4 inches (260mm). The individual straps disconnected from the smartwatch are less than half of that when apart. The top wristband is 3.4 inches (85mm). The bottom, catch band, is 4.9inches (125mm).

Is the watch band interchangeable?

We currently do not offer other branded wristbands to use with your T1 Tact Smartwatch. However, there are other off-brand straps you can purchase that should fit our universally friendly watch head size.
To get a different bad, it’s best you visit your local watch store or watch repairman. Let them see the watch and get proper measurements , then recommend the perfect band settings.

There’s likely both silicone bands and Velcro straps that you will be able to purchase.

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