Video: Indestructible Tactical Smartwatch Undamaged By Burning Fire

Video: Indestructible Tactical Smartwatch Undamaged By Burning Fire

T1 Tact Watch “Midnight Diamond” model proven to be fireproof

When one is in need of tactical gear, it’s no doubt, they are a person of adventure. These types of people need a great watch that keeps up with their lifestyle. Whether training with guns, rafting, hiking, or working out at the gym daily, the show must go on. Our brand kept all of this in mind when designing the T1 Tact Watch “Midnight Diamond” and testing product quality . The technical team not only aimed to make the watch waterproof and dust proof, but also fireproof.

What makes tactical smartwatches fireproof?

For our brand, we have to do things the American way. Trial and error is the key to determining if something is able to be labeled ‘fireproof.’ Our quality control team checks and vets all specimens we stock. If something seems improper about watch crystal, steel backing, or wristband, we avoid moving it into store stock.

In the video below, witness one of our “Midnight Diamond” models set on fire. The flames last for nearly 20-seconds in the video itself. As this may not seem much, it’s only a partial clip of the full length test. This is provided to give shoppers undeniable proof about our fireproofing process.

This is another example from T1TW brand to expand on why it’s nicknamed the indestructible watch. Not even fire can stop it from functioning. Almost no damage is done to ‘MD‘ smartwatch after burning for one-third of minute.

Why does your smartwatch need to be fireproof?

Many may think this is an ‘extreme’ selling point. It is not however. When living or visiting a place of extreme temperatures you need tactical wristwear that will endure high temperatures. The technology inside such devices is fragile & sensitive and if the design is poor, things can malfunction in the change of weather, whether extreme cold or heat.

If you leave a “Midnight Diamond” on your car dashbord or keep it on the wrist while warming your hands over a campfire, it will not lose value. These wrist band and watch face will remain like new, while internal tech modules will keep functioning as normal.

The extreme durable outside, which includes the DLC (carbon-like) material, is matched with an internal airflow design that keeps things cool in heat. As a Caribbean house, the inside walls of this T1 Tact Watch model keeps things cool. All sensitive technology are away from materials that my retain heat or increase in temperature rapidly.

Are there more features?

Of course. Simply visit our watch specifications page: view features here

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