Authentic T1 Tact Watch vs Counterfeit T1 Tact Watches

Authentic T1 Tact Watch Review: Easy Ways To Recognize Counterfeits

Authentic T1 Tact Watch vs fake t1 tact watch The T1 Tact Watch company apologizes to all customers that have been waiting for a smartwatch from the recent 60 day. The “Midnight Diamond” has become one of the most popular military and tactical smartwatches of 2019, coming into 2020. Due to our upshift in popularity, unfortunately there has been massive counterfeiting and fraud. A decision was made to make modifications to our product to make the difference of our watch and others clear. This initially caused a delay in over 100 orders but today, everything is back to normal. Al customers and potential watch shoppers can perform a quick T1 Tact Watch review and know which watches are authentic or counterfeit.

Late 2019 Modifications to fight Counterfeit Watches being sold on-line

Difference of T1 Tact Watch vs Fakes is now clear. All orders that have been made before 12/1/2019, will be received by 12/16/19. The new smartwatch, with upgrades, made after your order will be delivered to you. Along with this, a complimentary gift for your patience. Gifts will range but all part of our new product collection coming for 2020. Customers will be the first to have these, before released publicly.
Authentic T1 Tact Watch vs fake

Authentic vs Fake Watches

The new “Midnight Diamond” will feature our logo and brand name in 3 places. The watch dial, band clasp, and rear steel case will have the official brand name shown in a low contrast & discreet manor.

Branded Watch Dial

The face of the watch has a compass. To the north, “T1 Tact” will be centered on the rim of watches now. Counterfeit watches, with low end technology and battery issues will not have this.

Laser Engraved Watch Case

on the solid steel back of the ‘Midnight Diamond’ you will find our official logo. It’s laser engraved and with precise detail and slightly off centering. This can be felt by touch slightly.
T1 Tact Watch Midnight Diamond clasp T1 Tact Watch Midnight Diamond clasp

Watch Clasp

“T1 Tact” is on the solid steel watch band’s clasp. It’s small and barely noticeable without looking for the detail. There is no coloring, simply a laser etching that can be felt when ran over with a finger.

Metal Box Package

The tactical smartwatch delivered before arrived in a black box. Now the authentic Midnight Diamond model sold by T1 Tact Watch is packaged inside a metal box case. It is a greyish color. This is more durable than past packaging. It is also perfect for traveling with your new outdoors watch.

Repair Tool

The D-I-Y repair tool, for replacing the smartwatch battery, is still included. Clientele can open the rear, solid steel back yourself whenever a new battery is needed. Details of which battery to get are on our site: read here.

T1 Tact Watch Manual

The official manual has been upgraded since our initial launch. The latest is included within the tin smartwatch box. The wearable technology itself, inspired in part by the first smartwatch ever made ( view ), has been upgraded thrice. The buttons to turn on your T1TW of today are not the same as our original release’s manual instructs for.

Official Mail Packaging

The product we ship will always come in a special bubble mailer / envelope (seen below) to prevent damage by courier. It is a high quality, extremely secure black bubble mailer. The color matches the theme of the “Midnight Diamond” wristwear. It is also great for those wishing to leave the product in the packaging, add a bow, and pass it as gift.

In addition to this, another worthy piece of information is location. All product will be shipped from the USA. T1TW has two shipping locations, Atlanta-GA and Aurora/Chicago-IL.

Upcoming Delivery

This is our official notice to all clientele of recent weeks, that have been waiting patiently or a little disturbed by what’s going on. Our goal has been to make sure our clients have an authentic T1 Tact watch, distinguishable from those wearing a counterfeit product. Protecting the image of those wearing a “Midnight Diamond” is important to the brand’s team of designers and founder.

Authentic T1 Tact Watch ReviewThis smartwatch has become more than a rugged watch. It is now an American status symbol and trendy within popular culture. Those who appreciate the art of brands should understand how serious the labeling of a product can be, beyond the quality.

All of this was done without moving the price of the T1 Tact Watch to $100. The company founder is still keeping the hard-working, outdoors-man and woman in mind. Contact us if you have any issues.

No more delays. No more waiting. All orders from this day forward will be processed as normal.

We do not sell on Amazon nor eBay, nor other websites, all of those are counterfeit items.

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