Can Women Wear Our Tactical Smartwatches ?

Can Women Wear Our Tactical Smartwatches ?

The T1 Tact Watch brand is all unisex.

Womens tactical smartwatch

A question that’s become quite popular from online shoppers, “Is there a women’s version of your tactical smartwatch?” The answer to this is simple. Our T1 Tact “Midnight Diamond” is indeed unisex. It can be worn by men, women, and children.

The main reason our product and others gets classified under mens smartwatches is simply stylistics. The knowledgeable watch enthusiast knows this and generally buys what they want, regardless of gender specifics. The watch head sizing being changed as much as 1 millimeter can mean the difference of it being labeled for a male or female consumer. According to, the higher the cost & luxury, the less concerned buyers are with ‘mens’ or ‘womens’ labeling.

What features are used to classify ‘mens’ or ‘womens’ smartwatch?

There are 3 to 5 qualities retail stores normally use to give ‘gender roles’’ to wrist wear. These rules get ignored frequently by these same retailers, when the role of fashion is more important. Nevertheless, the specifications checked are strap, wrist, and dial size, along with color and weight.

The weight of men’s watches are typically heavier, especially when made of precious metals. Our tactical smartwatch is different as it’s designed to be lightweight and sleek as most sports gear. The ‘Midnight Diamond’ was inspired by and follows user needed concepts of military and armed security forces. Things must go unnoticed in these lines of work and our bezel is thin for this.

Diameter of “Midnight Diamond” tactical smartwatch

The diameter size of the T1 Tact ‘M.D.’ dial is 1.92 inches or 49 mm. Women’s watches are typically designed 36 mm or less. However, this based on high fashion standards of petite models usually. When buying a women’s tactical or sports watch, many in 2019 prefer a dial that is between 42-46 mm. Our ‘Midnight Diamond’ is just between the size of men’s and women’s smartwatches.

The color “Black” is for women too…

Believe it or not, as reported on JazTime, the color of wrist wear is a determining factor of it’s gender fit. Men’s watches are typically dark colors or silver. Women’s wrist gear is usually a lighter color or gold. In today’s era where fashion and style have long grown out of the preset box ideas of the past, this should not matter at all.

If looking for a sports, tactical, or military watch you must have a dark color. Any woman working an armed or secured services job knows this read more here>. The dark color is to keep your outfit, usually gun holsters and vests, well concealed.

In the world of sports and athletics, women prefer the black color just as much as tactical hobbyists. Why is this so? It is a simple fact, you need a color that is durable against sweat and dust. Our smartwatch retains a new look after years of use in the gym, outdoors, pool, or garden.

Is the T1 Tact strap size feminine?

The strap size is the largest concern of most women looking to purchase our watch. ‘Will it look too big and gaudy when worn?’ is the premises of thought. Good news, it’s a sports watch and these are adjustable in size. Tactical watches are not set in one length like metal designs.

You can adjust the ‘Midnight Diamond’ from 7.5” inches to 11” inches of length. This means if your wrist is over 4.8” inches of circumference, it will fit you without need for band adjustment.

If you wish to switch the watch bands, there are universal straps that should fit. If you wish for alternate colors or a size adjustment, simply talk to your local watch repairman.

What features does this tactical watch have?

There over 10 useful functions this T1TW model can handle. It operate with your android or apple iOS smartphone via Bluetooth syncing. Simply download and link your apps, then enjoy the following: see features here

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