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T1 Tact Watch Delivers to India! Prices, Shipping, & More Detail

Wealthy men of India love our smartwatch.

The T1 Tact Watch brand is an American smartwatch company. Originally started in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina we’ve improved our reach to global markets thanks to customers sharing our product on social media. Today we ship globally to almost any country. Our latest major customer base growth has been in India, to where we now cater. Here are prices, shipping, handling, and currency detail to make things easier.

The Top 10 cities of India ( photos ) searching for our tactical smartwatch are: Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderbad, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Surat, Jaipur, Bengaluru, and Chennai. Many others also search for us, but these have developed the most interests.

The total price of the T1 Tact Smartwatch in India rupees is approximately $6,412. This includes shipping and handling costs. Below find itemized details of all costs. Purchase the new ‘Midnight Diamond’ tactical watch by clicking the green ‘buy now’ button on the right of this page.

What is the price of our smartwatch in india rupees (INR) ?

The T1 Tact Watch Midnight Diamond is $94.99 in US dollars and be purchased online (buy here). When exchanged into India’s currency, the Rupees, the price is approximately 7,007.25 INR.

The currency exchange goes up and down daily, so this retail price may vary slightly in rupees. However, the US dollar price will not change.

How much is shipping & handling to India? How long is delivery?

Our fees for shipping and handling are the same globally. We ship via the United States Postal Service. The flat rat we charge is $23.00 USD. The cost to mail your package in rupees is $1,696.67 INR.

Delivery generally takes 10-15 business days. Our shipping is international priority mail so it’s the fastest method offered currently without paying a much higher rate. If you need faster shipping arranged, please contact us: shop@t1tactwatch.com

Do you own a retail store and want to sell our product?

We welcome physical stores wishing to do business with our brand. Simply contact our business department ( business@t1tactwatch.com ) with details of your store, including location and types of goods you sell. Also give us your website or photos of store if available. A business accounts specialist will get in touch with you promptly.

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