Quality, Design, Technology, & Durability

Quality, Design, Technology, & Durability

Military wrist-wear inspired, tactical smartwatches. For athletes, armed servicemen, & outdoors. Authentic American Trademark.

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It’s time to upgrade what’s on your wrist. Step up to a smartwatch that is capable of handling fitness, security, and business lifestyle needs. Our new “Midnight Diamond” release is wrist wear that fits in the tactical gear niche, military-inspired, and styled after classic 1990’s sports watches. This is an innovative, subtle, master piece.

Intelligence is kin to the wealth of health, adventure, and self-organization. Our watch assists the person wearing it with all 3 progressive habits. As durable as it is useful, it’s also a top 3 buy in the smartwatch world with a retail price of only $89.99. Readers’ are hearing and seeing the original T1 Tact watch everywhere online, because it’s gone viral. It is a hot topic, which leads you here, the official brand website.


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High Quality

Are you tired of buying a smart devices where the screen cracks? Do you want to buy a timepiece that is not fragile and resists scratches, keeping a fresh look for years to come? Do you need a smartwatch that has features you an use? More than a trend, our watch is redefining what’s on wrists.

With the T1 Tact, just as a military soldier needs, you see time, day, and date clearly at the flick of your wrist. Additionally, users can also spot the scheduled alarm note, get new phone call notifications, and count how many calories you burned during your workout. These are just a few of the reasons that make our ‘Midnight Diamond” tactical watch the perfect gift for men. And also a fraction of the 6 reasons why T1 Tact watch is better than most smartwatches.

t1 tact watch band flatGenerally said, smart watch abilities today are assets. Today’s Functions range from calling Uber to being used for a home door key, but it’s the features used daily on this digital wrist wear. The T1 is no different from the Apple and Samsung releases. It gives consumers the option to download a personal choice of apps. Each of these aid your daily activities.

If you are not used to a watch helping organize your life, i’s time you try something new.


T1 Tact Watch authentic or fake

More T1 Tact Watch specs: read here

It’s no surprise that smartwatches are so popular nowadays —everyone recognizes how technology can help organize your daily routine.

There’s one problem with most men’s and women’s timepieces in 2019: watches have weak exteriors and sensitive watch glass. As expected, watches built in this manor are damaged quickly and force fast replacement. This is billion dollar companies way of keeping consumer dollars flowing. You can try to add a shatterproof protective case to your wrist wear to prevent the issue. However great an idea, n the long run it’s a waste. Big brands are not tactical and their watch style prototype is designed to be broken.

The tact watch is not created to be broken. It is made to be dependable for people working in military, army, tactical, sports, outdoor, armed security, and related careers paths.

Choosing the right smart watch is important. In the course of living your life, wearing an intelligent watch piece is just like carrying a smartphone. Eventually your wrist wear will get dropped or bumped. A non-tactical watch will get cracked, scratched, or broken.

Either of those deadly 3 sins, is the equivlent of your smartphone falling face down. It’s likely you will be paying a hefty fee to get your smartwatch repaired or worse replaced!

In owning a T1 Tact Watch however, the outcome is not the same. Thanks to new, military -inspired hardware, your smartwatch dial nor glass have to crack. The T1TW is a new type of smartwatch that’s super robust (nearly shatterproof) and still stylish. This is wrist wear with the aesthetics to make any techology fan blush. Our product is a far ahead of the first smartwatches ever made in the 1980s but we’ve brought back some of the original style.


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How was the T1 Tact Watch created?

A small team of former military engineers had a discussion which led to the idea of designing a watch. The technical crew decided a smartwatch for soldiers to wear in the heat of tactical training and war, was a great way to improve efficiency. Like 007 James Bond, if the watch had the right features, it could prevent a soldier’s need to search his backpack.

The Engineering team decided to use military-grade tactical gear knowledge, along with 1990’s lifestyle themes to come up with a new super smartwatch. This innovative wrist technology would eventually become known as the “T1.”

When the T1 Tact Watch was born, it needed improvements. It was grown into a more refined and high end time piece within 3 years.

This “James Bond” style watch is an amazing add to any wardrobe. Whenever one seeks adventure or tactical workout, this watch is the perfect accessory to wear . It’s tough as a Kevlar vest, more stylish than an iWatch, and very easy to use. The retro touch garners attention of all generations.

The T1 Tact is a status symbol of the person with a knack for adventure and possibly involved with military or security lifestyles.

Why is This Watch So Tough?

Industry revolutionary Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) coating protects the Tact Watch, making it SUPER TOUGH…

We have even created video proof ( watch here ) that this will not burn in high temperature fires, nor can it be crushed by SUV car tires. As if that weren’t impressive enough, there’s more.

The screen doesn’t crack or fracture when hammered repeatedly as smart devices glassware do with a simple drop. Our durability tests are something we dare any brand to try on their tactical wrist gear.

The T1 Tact Watch comes ready for the “combat” of daily life. Demanding physical job? Extreme workouts and outdoor sports? No problem, this smartwatch can get through without so much as a nick or scratch.


A military grade smartwatch will last for years. The battery will outlast all of your travels for the next 3 years. Once you buy into the T1 Tact brand, you will not find a need to worry about your wrist wear for ages.

Did we mention this tact watch also syncs to your smart device (phone or tablet)? Android or Apple, it will connect via bluetooth.

The design is unique and GQ-savvy. The T1 is a secret service agent’s dream. Updated with cutting edge tech, it can help organize an office and improve your work-out routine with the press of 2 buttons.

Any man will appreciate a T1 Tact Watch. It has features for daily use & super tough. A perfect gift to self or others.

Whether it’s a Apple, Sony, or Samsung, the days of wearing boring fragile smartwatches that look like mini-computer screens are over.

T1 Tact Watch is the ‘Alpha Male’ of the smartwatch world. It’s designed to thrive in a world of danger, adventure, and action. Women love the type of men we designed this watch for and it’s has become a status symbol of the interesting lifestyle. Our ‘Midnight Diamond’ proves you can have durability all while sporting a stylish and slick design!Can You Sync A T1 Tact Watch with Your Smartphone?

phone connectTact Watch instantly connects and pairs to your mobile phone. Works with Apple and Andriod phones.

What is the price of this watch?

In the United States of America, we know the value of dollar. You work hard, just as the team behind T1 Tact Watch company. Our technology & materials used for the T1 rival that of competitors’ product which range from $300 into the thousands of dollars. Our watch will not rip off consumers at a rate 1000x the cost however.

The T1 Tact watch is currently priced in our on-line store at $89.99 . A fair price.

Our brand is not built for people who only love talking about material possessions they own. Instead, we are made for men and as well as women who love to talk about the life experiences they have shared and save token symbols of the event. This is why you

Is the T1 Tact ‘Midnight Diamond’ better?

Yes, it’s a game changer. This is a smartwatch that is durable and intelligent. It links to your smartphone or tablet with bluetooth. Keep abreast of calls and messages, while running the stopwatch for your gym workout. If it gets ran over by a car tire, dust it off, only to see it still looks new. The style is simple and clean, matching everything. The T1, is the only watch you need in 2019.

It is a military smartwatch with style, as explained here.

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