T1 Tact Watch App

T1 Tact Watch App

Scannable QR Code for Our Smartwatch.

If you have an authentic T1 Tact Watch you can use our instruction manual provided scan & download app and others. If the original manual that came in your smartwatch box is lost, no worries. T1TW hs the official QR scan code here below:

Scan as this will allow you to get the original tact watch app on your phone. This connects your Midnight Diamond to your phone via Bluetooth. Once this is done, users can activate other features. Without this application, nothing will function properly.

Users are ready to rock after your Bluetooth is synced and downloads are complete. A user should have the applications such as pedometer, iHealth, and others now found on their phone & watch see watch features here>. As so, you can begin to test how things work in real-time with your dial buttons. Read over the T1 Tact smartwatch manual that came inside of your watch box or see manuals here >.

Other Applications

Applications not listed in the manual, that work on iPhone and Android devices, still may sync with your t-watch as well. The list of those that do and do not work is something each user will have figure out. Just as users would browse and test apps with your smartphone device, users can also do this with the new watch.

Leave a comment on our Facebook or Instagram if you have found a new application that is useful. Share with the tactical watch community online via the T1TW public profiles.

Removing Tact Watch App

You cannot remove the application technology on your smartwatch. It will not interfere or be a violation of government security agency requirements in the United States. There is no audio or visual recording device on this tactical watch, therefore it cannot be ‘tapped’ or used as a spy tool.

If you install the t-watch app on friend’s phone to demonstrate the functions, simply delete when done. Once the original application is deleted from the memory of a smartphone or tablet device, it can no longer function in tandem with the T1 Tact Midnight Diamond smartwatch.

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