Tactical Smartwatch Videos. Original T-Watch Commercials.

Tactical Smartwatch Videos. Original T-Watch Commercials.

Official T1 Tact Watch brand videos

There are a lot of counterfeit vendors with websites and accounts on eBay an Amazon (read here). These scammers sell terrible, low quality tactical watch replicas. The military-inspired engineering of the authentic “Midnight Diamond” watch is what connected with people on social media. Do not be tricked by vendors into purchasing a “Trash Can Smartwatch” for $30 less. Do however understand, our original and authentic T1TWMD is high quality.

Want to know if your smartwatch is authentic? First, did you buy from our only online store (click here) ? If not, take time to browse T1TactWatch.com. Get educated by the T1 Tact Watch videos below. This website is the only source online for these videos. All visuals were created to educate customers on product durability, functionality, and aesthetics.

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Durability Test Videos.

Many people questioned if T1TW smartwatches were indeed ‘military-grade’ technology. An authentic T1 Tact “Midnight Diamond” is everything is as promised and more. To prove our status claims, the Qaulity Control team recorded some of the testing done with this watch. On video, testing exemplifies how it can survive almost any tactical scenario. It is solid enough to crack a nut shell.

Below, are 2 durability tests videos completed in 2019. Check the pages below for full detail of what each test was for and see results. No need to read what is seen. There may be more visuals released soon. Check back monthly for more entertaining visaul updates on the tactical smartwatches sold here.

  1. Fire Proof Test – see here
  2. Watch Crystal Test (Mineral Glass) – see here
  3. Weight Limit (Crush) & Drop Test – see here

Commercial Videos.

First videos by T1 Tact Watch were viral video commercials. These were comedic clips that promoted the durability of our indestructible smartwatch. Sometimes dubbed the ‘T-Watch,’ ‘Tact 1,’ and ‘T1Tact,’ we used these to merge the attention of users searching for our product to one name. Not only that, the emotion and laughter these videos drew from clients caused a lot of social shares and brand even more popularity.

The 3 commercial viral videos released to date are the “Bad Dog,” “Car vs Elephant Seal,” and our Valentine’s day “Hi-Five for Panda” clips. These visuals collectively have received over 100,000 views and cannot be replicated easy due to internet copyright laws.

Bad Dog commercial…

Car vs Elephant Seal video…

What about photos of the watch?

Need more original media content from T1 Tact Watch? Go beyond videos here. View close up shots of our product from the company studios & customers in the photo galleries on this website. Take time to glance and appreciate still visuals of the ‘Midnight Diamond’ smartwatch. The aesthetics are those of 24K pure gold.

Original content was taken by many counterfeiters on-line. New content will be harder for counterfeit vendors to use. Photos and videos feature the T1 Tact watch logo watermark in lowly visible places or a link to here, the official store. Regardless, the T1TW trademark is registered and T1TactWatch.com is the official brand shop.

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