What makes a smartwatch tactical?

What makes a smartwatch tactical?

Durability is a must in the military and security career paths.

The T1 Tact watch’s “Midnight Diamond” model is in high demand because it’s well-known as one of the first tactical smartwatches of the Bluetooth generation. Before our brand however, many never considered a watch to be an item for the security nor military niche. Therefore, it’s important people know a few facts about our watch to comprehend the true depth of it’s quality and uses.

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What is tactical gear?

First off, according to Nearsay.com, such equipment is anything that’s designed specifically for military and security specialist needs. Some of our customers buy the T1 Tact ‘Midnight Diamonds’ for men working in government or other high security jobs that do not allow all technologies into their building. Fearing espionage or exposing of deep secrets, these jobs restrict devices that can take photos, videos, or host open live communications . For this, T1 Tact watches are designed with limitations in certain areas and upgrades in others.

Just as insecure smart devices are frowned upon at tactical job, so is bad health. A person working for the military, police, or other security job is expected to be in shape. This means a smartwatch should have technologies that assist its wearer with gym, running, and fitness activities.

Tactical Fitness Features:

full details on: T1TactSmartWatch.com ( company news site)

  • Exercise Data Storage
  • Pedometer app
    • Step Counter
    • Distance Tracker
    • Calorie Counter (Calories Burned)
  • Workout Data Analysis (Bluetooth used to connect with phone/smart device)
  • Goal Setting

Details of features….

The Pedometer App that is for the T1 Tact watch is easy to download and activate. It features a step counter, distance trcker, and calorie counter. The smartwatch step counter tells you how many steps you’ve made while climing stairs, running treadmill, or jogging 2 miles. The distance tracker tells you how far you have run or walked in total. Last, the pedometer’s Calorie Counter tells you how much energy (4,184 joules) you have burned while exercising.

The exercise data storage is a compilation of all activities you perform with your tactical fitness features are activated. This is used to get a visual of how you’re improving or sinking day to day with your workouts. It works hand-in-hand with the Workout Data Analysis you will install on your phone or tablet. Set goals with your “Midnight Diamond” smartwatch and complete them to achieve the perfectly sculpted health for a top tier tactical job.

Is the design of this T1 Tact Watch Tactical?

The design of the “Midnight Diamond” is absolutely tactical. It’s made to endure the rigorous training activities of all tactics training. The screen is goriilla glass that can take a gunshot from a gun without shattering. It’s able to handle high heat as it’s fireproof. If dealing with the outdoors or some sort of water activity, this T1 Tact is also waterproof. Last, as many military men end up in desert terrain , there must be protection from dirt and dust. This smartwatch is also dustproof.

All of these factors is why a smartwatch like ours is a necessary in this industry. Updates it gives help organize time and schedule, while hardware protect it from all the elements.

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